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The Marranos: The Black Moorish Jews of Spain


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Black Moorish Jews of Maghrib, Sudan and Spain: the Marranos
Black Jews have lived in Iberia and Africa as far back as the time of the Carthaginans. Jewish traders sailed on Carthaginian merchant ships
and traded all along the coast of North Africa and even into the
Many African tribes along the coast of North Africa and way into the southern savanahs, beyond the Sahara deserts they were ancient Hebraic
jewish tribes. Those tribes got caught up in the events that followed
the death of the Islamic Prophet Muhammed all the way from Medina to the
Maghrib. It is widely acknowledged that one of the most determined
fighters against the black Arab enchroachment on black African berber
property was Queen Kahina a black jewess Queen of the Maghrib.
Early Arab scholars who visited the southern fringes of the Sahara desert report the presence of jewish tribes in places such as ancient
Ghana and Mali. Many tribes in Africa today still recall their Hebraic
roots and many more continue their ancient jewish laws and tradition
unadulterated by the politics of the modern days.
When the African Moors moved North and conquered Spain, it was a confederation of African Muslims, African Jews and African Christians
who effected the victory. The African Jews and the African Muslims were
brothers genetically, phenotypically, and historically. They were the
same black people pursuing the same goals of righteous existence.
So the African Moorish Empire took root in Iberia and the rest of the southern mediterranean coast. Black African Muslims and Black African
Jews with their Black African christians as such ruled Europe for the
next 700 years.
The un-Holy Roman Catholic Church
That was when the Pope of Rome who was the chief of the rebellious pale European tribe who fell outside civilization began his open war
against the armies of Jah, Allah the God of the Africans.
The Roman papacy organized the rudest, cruelest, barbaric sort of insurrection against the rule of the Black Moorish caliphates who
brought light and civilization to the pale Europeans.
The most wretched rogues, brigands, terrorists, lowlive mass murders, predecessors of mass killers like Christoph Colons (aka Christopher
Columbus) were deployed into this battle.
This movement was variously known as the “reconquistada” or “the crusades”. The Pope was always the Commander in Chief as there were no
true pale European nations so to speak at that time. They all lived
under this super-tribal formation called the un-Holy Roman Empire or the
un-Holy Roman Catholic Church.
This Holy Rome was not the old Roman Empire. This un-Holy Rome was the product of some outlawed occultist priesthood who had sworn to
mis-use their knowledge of the ancient African mysteries to create a
rebellion on earth.
The Ancient African Mysteries, the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church
The mysteries had originally been brought to old Rome by black Africans monks such as St. Ignatius of Antioch, Origen, Tertullian,
St.Augustine, and many other un-named masters of the old science. Rome
was a child of Africa and for centuries had always been oriented towards
North Africa as opposed to North Europe.
Black Africans could become and were Roman citizens, just as many Romans migrated and settled Africa. As such it was not surprising that
branches of African created mysteries like christianity should be taken
from southern Libya and upper Nile Egypt to Rome and Athens to
illuminate their minds.
Many cults were found in old Rome and they thrived and died at their time. This one mystery that came from Africa later called christianity
was hijacked by some bad-minded types the tail end of the power of old
They then destroyed old Rome from within, like some cancerous tumors and began their asent to dominion over the rest of the earth. They
called themselves the “Holy” Roman Universal (Catholic) Empire (Church).
They would go out into the world and overthrow the ancient domains of
the old mysteries, the real histories and replace them with fallcies.
The Setian Rebellion Project, Europe and the Roman Catholic Church
The spiritual and temporal leader of this entreprise was the Pope. He was based in Vatican. He was the leader of this evil set of
rebellious outlaw priesthood who with the aid of peverted knowledge of
some ancient Ta-Muurish (African) mysteries first cast his stranglehold
over the asiatic pale tribes of Europe who were refugees from the
Steppes of Russia. Those tribes were making very important demographic
changes in Europe at that time.
The Papacy has through conquest and programming, through rape, murder and sundry acts, completely corrupted the new pale tribes of Europe.
He was now ready to unleash his minions against the true priestly order, turn the world unside down, mock Yasus, Mohammed and Mary, and
kick Amen-Ras out of his kingdom.
That was when he launched the crusades. The reconquistadas. The Pope, the modern day descendant of Set the rebel who sought to kill
Osiris the King; Set the red who would fight against Osiris the Perfect
In launching the crusades, the Papacy advised his pale European minions, to loot and destroy the Moorish Jewish cities of Jerusalem,
Cairo, Marrackesh, Toledo, Axum, and Benin (which he called Guinea).
He gave them the sacrament of indulgence which was a carte blanche cheque to commit evil in the name of the Pope. They set out thus
properly mandated and authorized by their mystic rebel father, to bring a
kind of evil, and perfidy which years of civilized programming had
removed from the minds of the earth generations.
The pale Europeans came out of the dark ages and domination of the Pope, to spread the dark ages and Papal domination upon the world.
The Reconquistad
This was the movement of pale European tribes under the direction of the Pope of Rome to conquer the land of the blacks from which they were
expelled in the very distant ancient past for some sin of jealously,
theft and murder.
At the time of his rise, he was set to prove the value of his doctrine of rapine and pillage, so he delibrately instructed his
reconquistadas to use the “shock and awe” tactis of rape and needless
Perfidy and treachery. Ignominy, lies and Ignobility were the choice weapons of the Pope and his army.
They worked for him too.
Because soon his army was destroying and looting, burning and stealing, killing and sacrificing as much as they wanted.
The noble Muurs were caught off balance by this new concept of ignominy and perfidy in wars or in love. They were higher moral beings.
They paid for this with their kingdom and civilization which was
stolen by the Pope of Rome, and his hordes of pale crusaders and
Spain was lost, then Portugal, then Sicily, Corsica, then Jerusalem, Cairo, then Cape Verde, then Lagos (which belonged to Benin-Guinea) all
in quick succession. Black domains now dominions of the Pope.
More would be lost in the later times. All was eventually lost when the pale Europeans had the boldness and the gall to re-designate the
noble Muurs of Marrakesh as negros of negroland. It was when the pale
European dropped the religio-ethnic identification of “jew” from the
compound word “black-jew” and so created the new “blacks”, that he began
laying the foundation for the present day ignorance of black Muurs and
black Jews about their true origins.
We heard about the racist over-reachings of the pale Europeans upon conquering Iberia. Their excesses and their excreations. Their
inquisitions and their expulsions. The bones of the dead still speak
through the genes of their generations living today…us…the living Muurs.
What happened to the black jews of Spain? The Marranos?
What Happened to the Marranos, the Black Moorish Jews of Spain?
Beginning in 1478, in the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, no less than 13,000 Marranos (Black Jews) were executed by the Inquisition. At
the same time, the monarchs continued to employ Jewish functionaries –
such as Don Isaac Abravanel – in their court. Luis de Torres another
Spanish black Jew played a pivotal role in Chritoph Colon’s first
journey to North America.
In 1480s the Spanish inquisition was launched, and hundreds of thousands of jews and muslims were hounded, persecuted, jailed, slaved
and deported.
On March 31, 1492 the Edict of Expulsion was signed, resulting in 300,000 Marranos Black Jews to the coast of Benin/Guinea in West Africa.
Sao Tome, Principe, Cabo Verde were some of the places that they were
first sent. Their cemetries, and descendants still exist today on those
Islands to verify this account.
The last Jews left on August 2, 1492, the day before Columbus sailed. The first words Columbus wrote in his log were: “After you expelled the
Jews your majesties sent me with a fleet.”
That was also the traditional day of mourning (9th of Av) for the destruction of the First and Second Temples.
In 1694, the 17th Council of Toledo made all Spanish Jews slaves. They were shipped to the Island of Jamaica and Hispaniola. Others went
to Sao Tome, Cabo Verde, and Mauritius. Many of them escaped the
Spanish jurisdiction and began independent communes in the hinterlands
or the mountains. The Spanish word “Marroons” is a play on their
Spanish ethnic designation the “Marranos” (rather than “cimarron” root
the conventionally accepted root).
Marranos in Spanish means pig,swine or (means Moorish Jews in Spanish) were the black Jews of Spain who ruled that country for 700 years with the black Muslims of Morocco,
Senegal and Nigeria.
Oguejiofo Annu
July 11, 2009

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