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The Middle Pillar

*Is YHWH Three Persons?

*Is the Messiah Elohim?

*What are the Three Pillars of the Godhead?

*What are the Ten Sefirot and how do they relate to the nine manifestations of the Ruach in 1Cor. 12?

*What is the Image of Elohim?

*What is the Adam Kadmon and how does this relate to the full armour of Elohim?

*What is the "Word" of YHWH?

*What are the Four Stages of Creation and the Four Worlds?

*What are the Four Levels of Understanding and how do they relate to the four Gospels?

*What are the Four Strategies of HaSatan?

*Who is the "Son of Yah"?

*How do the items of the armour of Elohim, the manifestations of the Ruach and the five offices of Eph. 4 relate to each other?

*Did you know that the patriarch Yosef (Joseph) manifested the gift of toungues?
*What do Jewish sources tell us about the gift of toungues?

*You'll also learn new insights on the Full Armor of Elohim and the Manifestations of the Power of the Ruach.

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