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The Mother’s Influence on the Family

I like to think of the mother as “queen” of the home. Queen is a high office, a position that carries considerable influence. The mother as “queen” of the home has a profound influence on the members of her family. She is like a thermostat; she sets the spiritual and emotional temperature of the home.

As evidence, I offer a family my husband and I have known for years. We are very close friends, but in actuality we have very little in common. My friend, the mother in that family, is a soft spoken, almost timid woman. She seldom raises her voice. When looking for her children, she won’t even raise her voice to call them! Instead, she goes from room to room looking for them. Her family is just like her in this respect. The children and husband sit quietly for their meals; they are generally soft spoken. They are a happy, quiet family.

On the other hand, my family is quite the opposite. I don’t have a whispering type of voice. When I look for family members, I yell!
I get excited and loud when I am happy. I also love to talk. My children also get loud when they are happy. When we sit down at the supper table, we become a noisy, happy family.

Each family reflects the personality of the mother. I remember waking up in the morning when I was a child. The first thing I would hear was the sound of my mother singing a hymn. Her singing told me that all was right with the world. Her singing brought me security. Her singing set the tone for my day. With a daily song my mother set her positive influence on me. . . . . CONTINUE READING HERE (

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