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The Odds Yeshua is Not Messiah are Statistically Zero!

The Odds Yeshua is Not Messiah are Statistically Zero!
James Scott Trimm

I have always said that my faith is a “Rational Faith” based upon logic.  To prove my point, today I have “calculated” the basis of my faith to the last decimal point.  Whereas I have said that Rabbinic Judaism is based on the logic error known as circular thinking.  They claim they are the only true Jews because only they can decide who is a true Jew, because only they are true Jews. And so the dog chases it's own tail.

By contrast, Nazarene Judaism is based upon logic and the logical conclusion that Yeshua of Nazareth fulfilled over 365 Tanak prophecies.  This number includes only prophecies in the Tanak itself, and not several additional prophecies in the apocrypha that Yeshua also fulfilled.

This is simply a matter of logic and math.  I have done the math and even if we say that there was a 50/50 chance of any given individual fulfilling any one of these prophecies by chance alone (and that is an overly conservative figure), then the odds of Yeshua fulfilling all 365 of these prophecies by chance alone would be

75,153,362,648,762,663,292,463,379,097,258,784,876,021,841,565,066,235,862,633,311,089,030,688,803,667,470,190,838,367,948,312,598,497,021,919,232 to 1 against.

That big number is 75 trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion.  Or in scientific notation 7.515336264 E+109.  This number is even larger than the number of atoms in the observable universe!

Since only about 107 billion people have ever walked the earth, this figure far, far exceeds the "statitistial proof" of a DNA test.

So the odds that Yeshua was not the Messiah are not statistically different from zero, because nowhere near enough people have ever lived for it to be possible for any one of them to have fulfilled all of these prophecies by chance alone.

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Comment by Ken Morrison on August 1, 2016 at 5:00pm

Good thinking. I have not recently checked out the figures he came up with, but a few decades back Josh McDowell came to a similar conclusion in one of his books, arriving at a similar huge number. It would be interesting to see if your math ended up on exactly the same number. It is math, it is logical, it is science (able to be replicated), it comes from the One who created all of these in the first place, so it is likely they should match! 


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