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In the days of the Maccabees there was a great apostasy from Torah. Men arose who were “lawless” (Torah-less) (1Macc. 1:11, 15) and left their sons uncircumcised (1Macc. 1:48) Many forsook the Torah joined them (1Macc. 1:52).

These men were much like Christians today who teach that the Law had been abolished and teach against circumcision. This anti-Torah group even sought to ban the Torah:

“The books of the Torah which they found they tore to pieces and burned with fire. Where the Book of the Covenant was found in the possession of any one adhered to the Torah, the decree of the king commanded him to death.”
(1Macc. 1:56-57)

While working today on the Hebraic Roots Version of the Apocrypha, I translated the following from the original Hebrew text of 1Maccabees (never before translated into English:

And we will not hearken to the words of King Antiochus and will not turn from the commandments of our Torah to go in another way.
(1Maccabees 2:22 HRV)

This is amazingly prophetic because today a group of dispensationalists who teach that the Law is not for today, an ostensibly Christian group called “The Way International” is suing us “praying” that the Court grant a similar preliminary and permanent injunction against our Hebraic-Roots Version of the Scriptures (death sentence excepted) “restraining and enjoining" us from "manufacturing, printing, producing, distributing, importing, exporting, transporting, circulating, selling, offering for sale, or otherwise disposing of the HRV" and asking "That the court order the destruction of all copies of the HRV of all plates, matrices, masters, tapes, film negatives, or other articles by means of which copies may be reproduced, including but not limited to electronically stored copies."
(The Way International vs. James Trimm and the Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism (SANJ) 4-09 CV-338-A 2009 Complaint pp. 20-22 ironically in a section titled “Prayer”)

Nazarene Judaism is the true “Way”. When Paul was accused of being a ringleader of the “Sect of the Nazarenes” (Acts 24:5) he responds in verse 14 “according to the Way which you call a sect, I worship” (RSV).

Antiochus Epiphanies was opposed by the Maccabees of whom 2Maccabees says “those who strove zealously on behalf of Judaism” (2Macc. 2:21).

Today, like the Maccabees of old, we at WNAE (formerly SANJ) are striving zealously on behalf of Judaism against anti-nomian groups like The Way International which would seek to “restrain [us] … from printing” our HRV Scriptures and seek “the destruction of all copies” of the HRV Scriptures. We will not turn from the commandments of our Torah to go in another “Way”.

This is just some of the work we are doing here at the Worldwide Nazarene Assembly of Elohim. Is this work worthy of your support? What other ministry is doing this kind of cutting edge work?

Now we need your help. Tithes and offerings coming into this ministry have been low. Our financial situation is dismal. I am asking you to donate whatever you can. I know people are disgusted with “TV evangelists” and mega ministries begging for money while their leaders live in mansions. Believe me we are struggling to keep the modest home we live in now. If there you are someone who could make a major, one time donation, now would be a good time.

Folks we need your help, we have bills due and at this point we do not have the funds to pay them. Is the work of this ministry worthy of your support? If so now is the time to make your support felt. We need your help today.

Or you can send check or money order to "Nazarene Judaism" to:

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Also make donations to our legal defense fund and help stand up for the Freedom of Religion:

You can make donations to this legal defense fund at or at You can also make tithes and offerings to the WNAE general fund at the same locations.

James Trimm

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