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The secret of Pesach in Revelation,
Rebe Yeshua in Passover Seder made:

1:tomo matzah
2: the Partio.
3: is my body (base)
4: the ate.
5: in your memory. (Yeshua)
6: take the cup of wine
7: gave them to drink.

THE Passover Seder on Babylon Revelation 16:17, the seventh Malaj pour out your drink on... 

1:toma to Babylon.
2: the Partio in three. (.. the great city was split into 3):
3:e your body (women.. .is great city rev: 17:18)
4: ate it: (the harlot... and eat his body... 17:16)
5: in his memory (came in Babylon in front of Elokim memory. 16:19)
6: took the cup of wine (the cup of the wine of the wrath 16:19)
7: gave him to drink (...) (to give you to drink the cup of wine 16:19)
the 3 matzah for Passover, allude to Babylon starting in 3
This is in Sod level.
Teaches us that we deliver Babylon
and the break and destroy, at Passover in Pesaj HaShem will be our liberation talking Revelation 16:19.
Baruch HaShem. Ranel.

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