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The Truth About the RSTNE
James Scott Trimm

I Hate Writing Negative pieces, but sometimes they are necessary to protect people.  As a result, over the years, I have had to write material aimed at warning people to prevent them from being misled.

Lately I have been hearing a lot about a Bible called the Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition. This is a Bible published by Your Arms to Israel, a polygamy cult.  The man who produced this version (Moshe Koniuchowsky) once said:

So for a believer to assert that the Torah allows for multiple wives, or the so-called “Torah of multiple wives” is a s.a.tanic farce and deception, which many Torah keepers in Yahshua have fallen into.”
(Polygamy Today. Blessing Or Forbidden Fruit? A Position Paper From YATI Int’l Ministries and BYSW Congregations Worldwide; Moshe Koniuchowsky 2007)

The very next year (2008) he began teaching polygamy himself falling into the very “satanic deception” (his own words) he once spoke against!  

Buyers need to beware, by buying this version, you are financing a polygamy cult.

More importantly this version is very inaccurate.  It is not a true translation, but was produced by starting with the KJV and then making universal revisions with a word processor, changing English words to Hebrew words without looking to see what Hebrew words are actually there in the original Hebrew.  I will give just three examples, but there are literally hundreds of instances of this problem:

Scholars have long noted that the Hebrew of Genesis 1:5 is highly unusual.  Instead of saying “yom rishon” (first day) the Hebrew actually has “yom echad” (day one).  This very unusual wording is even preserved in the Greek of the Septuagint and has been the object of discussion in many commentaries going back to Philo of Alexandria in the first century.

Unfortunately since the “True Name Edition” simply made universal changes to the KJV with a word processor, it has "rishon" for "first" in Gen 1: 5 while the Hebrew word for "first" here is actually "echad".  This can mislead students of the word, and becomes very confusing for a person trying to use this Bible at home and reading an article or commentary that deals with why the text has ECHAD here rather than RISHON when the “True Name” edition has RISHON.  I myself have had to deal with confused students studying in teachings that I have given, because of this false reading in the RSTNE.

Another example is to be found in Hosea 6:6.  Here we are told that YHWH values CHESED (mercy, grace, loving kindness) over sacrifice.  Yeshua cites this verse in Matthew 12 as support for his teaching that acts of CHESED override the Sabbath.  His argument goes like this: the Sabbath overrides the sacrifices, because the sacrifices are performed on the Sabbath (despite the fact that the involve activities that are normally prohibited on Sabbath) and CHESED overrides the sacrifices (based on Hosea 6:6) therefore CHESED overrides the Sabbath.  This verse (Hosea 6:6) and the use of the Hebrew word CHESED here, becomes a profound key to understanding many other passages!

Unfortunately since the RSTNE was created simply by amending the KJV, making universal changes with a word processor, the RSTNE FALSELY has "rachamim" for "mercy" in Hosea 6:6 when the actual Hebrew word here is "chesed"!

Again, I have had some students begin to debate with me that I was “wrong” when I was teaching that the Hebrew word in Hosea 6:6 is “chesed” and why that word is so important, because their RSTNE has “rachamim” here.

Perhaps the most telling example is in Psalms 119:30.  In my teachings I often cite:

“Remove the false way from me,
and graciously grant me your Torah.
I have chosen the way of faith;
I have placed your ordinances before me.”
(Psalm 119:29-30)

This is a key verse, because it tells us that the Torah is “the way of faith” and not at odd with faith as some teach.

I often have to correct people because the KJV here mistranslates the Hebrew word "emunah" (meaning "faith") as "truth" so that the KJV wrongly has “the way of truth” here.  Most modern translations have corrected this mistranslation and have “way of faith” in Psalm 119:30.

But since the RSTNE was actually created by making universal changes to the KJV with a word processor, and not by actually looking at the Hebrew (or even a modern translation) the RSTNE actuall back translates this glaring KJV error into Hebrew putting "emet" (truth) where "emunah" (faith) actually occurs in the Hebrew!

Once again this has been a problem for serious Scripture students trying to follow my teaching, either in print or in person, because I am telling them one thing, and their “trusty” RSTNE is telling them something completely false!

Perhaps one of the worst things about the RSTNE is that is adds the completely spurious Acts 29 to the Scriptures, with no academic basis for doing so.  

The famed New Testament scholar Edgar Goodspeed wrote of Acts 29 his book “Strange New Gospels” writes of Acts 29:

This "long-lost chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, containing the account of Paul's journey in Spain and Britain" is said by a recent publisher of it, Mr. T. G. Cole, to have been translated by the oriental traveler, C. S. Sonnini, from a "Greek manuscript found in the Archives at Constantinople, and presented to him by the Sultan Abdoul Achmet." Sonnini's translation, we are further informed, "was found interleaved in a copy of Sonnini's "Travels in Turkey and Greece," and purchased at the sale of the library and effects of the late Right Hon. Sir John Newport, Bart., in Ireland, . . . . in whose possession it had been for more than thirty years, with a copy of the firman of the Sultan of Turkey, granting to C. S. Sonnini permission to travel in all parts of the Ottoman dominions."

The copy of Sonnini's "Travels" in which it was found was an English translation, printed in London in 1801, under the title, "Travels in Turkey and Greece Undertaken by Order of Louis XVI, and with the Authority of the Ottoman Court." The original French edition appeared in Paris in the same year, but  contains no allusion to any such gift from the Sultan. The English text of the new chapter of Acts is said to have been published by Stevenson in London in 1871. I have found no earlier date given for it….

The chapter continues the narrative of the Acts with an account of how Paul departed from Rome (his imprisonment seems to create no difficulty) for Spain and Britain, "for he had heard in Phoenicia that certain of the children of Israel, about the time of the Assyrian captivity, had escaped by sea to the isles afar off, as spoken by the prophet, and called by the Romans Britain." Paul accordingly visits Spain, and preaches there with much |89 success. He then proceeds to Britain, landing at Raphinus (believed to be Sandwich in Kent). He preaches on Mount Lud (the future site of St. Paul's Cathedral) and confers with the Druids, who reveal their descent from the Jews "who escaped from bondage in the land of Egypt." He then travels through Gaul and preaches to the Belgians. In Switzerland he visits Mount Pontius Pilate, where Pilate "dashed himself down headlong and so miserably perished." He goes on, by way of "Mount Julius" (the Julian Alps between Italy and Austria), to Illyricum, on his way to Macedonia and Asia--with the evident intention of writing the Pastoral letters, Timothy and Titus….

We have already seen, in discussing the "Confession of Pontius Pilate," that the story of his suicide on Mount Pilatus is a late legend. The researches of General Wallace and President Angell at Constantinople have shown that no such manuscripts as are here implied are known in the libraries there. On the other hand no manuscript of the Acts in Greek or any other tongue contains the chapter, and the conclusion is unavoidable that it was composed to support the British-Israel movement which circulates it. The testimony of the  Druids in verse 13, and Paul's prophecy of St. Paul's Cathedral and of the seventh British census of 1861, and the rise of the British-Israel movement soon after, verse 10, show this interest unmistakably.

That the original Greek of this chapter was given to Sonnini by the Sultan has no support from Sonnini's book of travels, according to which he did not even see the Sultan, but secured his permission to travel, through others.

The fantastic legend that the Lake of Lucerne assumed its present shape, faintly suggesting a crucifix, on the occasion of Paul's visit there (p. 21) is altogether unlike the writer of Acts, especially the part of his work that deals with Paul.

The reference to Pilate's washing his hands at the time of Jesus' trial (vs. 22) would be strangely out of place in Acts, the author of which does not mention it in his account of the trial (Luke 23). The words "men and brethren" (vs. 25) reflect an old mistranslation of a Greek phrase in Acts, now generally corrected; and the expression "Verily I say," here put (vs. 25) into the mouth of Paul, is one never used by Luke, and rigidly reserved by Matthew and John ("Verily, verily I say") for  Jesus alone. To use it of Paul is most unlike the New Testament.

In view of its interest in the British census of 1861 (vs. 10), and the popularity given to ideas of this kind by the work of Piazzi Smyth in the sixties of the last century, it is probable that this curious chapter was written not long before its publication in 1871.

(Strange Gospels; Acts 29 by Edgar Goodspeed, 1931)

To insert material into Acts in a Bible when, as Goodspeed points out, “no manuscript of the Acts in Greek or any other tongue contains the chapter” is frankly, unconscionable.

The fact is that the RSTNE is one of the worst versions ever published and exists primarily to fund a polygamy cult.  Do not be fooled into buying into this false version of the Scriptures!

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Comment by Mikha'ELa on June 22, 2016 at 8:04pm

yes true! I met him same year kinda like I met you James and also Lew White (online), long back in time when I was still living in Germany. But the Ruach lead me away from him and his teachings already back then  which were going in diverse online groups . Then about 2 years ago I joined FB and found him there and befriended him, to see how he is doing now after all those years, and I must really say, I was shocked, because I discovered, he is teaching the polygam lifestyle.  I actually canceled my FB friendship with him, after numerous invitations to follow their YouTube hangouts on shabbat and spreading it in groups for people to come. I answered the 1st invite and listened one shabbat to all what he put on the table there and after this it was complete clear to me that he went under the wolves. I still can't believe that. WOw! any way Yah gives people also into deception because of unrepented sin and unwillingness to return to Yah's measured will I believe and that might be the case, but as I noticed already in the 90ties, he went in much he taught already back then astray and I followed what the Spirit of Yah wanted me to do. any way, as long there is the door open for a come back (return) to Yah's guidelines and instructions, I also believe we can pray for a person  to make t'shuva unless the Ruach would tell something else us to do. But how is that when people are send into deception by Yah?

2Th 2:9  The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power and signs and wonders of falsehood,
2Th 2:10  and with all deceit of unrighteousness in those perishing, because they did not receive the love of the truth, in order for them to be saved.
2Th 2:11  And for this reason Elohim sends them a working of delusion, for them to believe the falsehood,

Comment by Jaime Lopez Ortega on June 23, 2016 at 1:12pm

I see that you have attached your name as the principle or only translator translator of the HRVS and that you also sell The Scriptures which is also a production and revision of an earlier work also published in S. Africa.. So my questions are, what are the differences between the two and what makes them compatible enough to be sold together in the same E-Store..  Is one superior to the other one..  at least in some small ways.. as in more prosaic at least.. ???  Thank you, Jaime.. Plus you say that polygamy is wrong doctrine but give no scripture for it.. and how to explain that the patriarchs were polygamous...??  Thanks again..

Comment by James Trimm on June 23, 2016 at 1:24pm


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