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They Have Abandoned His Love
James Scott Trimm

As I stated recently the Mishnah recounts to us the question as to whether or not the Lost Ten Tribes will yet return:

The ten tribes are not destined to return,
since it is said, "And he cast them into another land,
as on this day" (Deut. 29:28).  
Just as the day passes and does not return,
so they have gone their way and will not return,"
the words of Rabbi Akiva.
Rabbi Eliezer says,
"Just as this day is dark and then grows light,
so the ten tribes for whom it is now dark--
thus in the future it is destined to grow light for them."
(m.San. 10:3)

The Gemara to this passage of Mishnah says:

Our Rabbis taught: The ten tribes have no portion in the world to come, as it says, And the Lord rooted them out of their land in anger, and in wrath, and in great indignation: And the Lord rooted them out of their land, refers to this world; and cast them into another land — to the world to come: this is R. Akiba's view. R. Simeon b. Judah, of the Kefar of Acco, said on R. Simeon's authority: If their deeds are as this day's, they will not return; otherwise they shall. Rabbi said: They will enter the future world, as it is said, [And it shall come to pass] in that day, that the great trumpet  shall be blown, [and they shall come which were ready to perish in the land of Assyria, and the outcasts in the land of  Egypt, and shall worship the Lord in the holy mount of Jerusalem]. (Is. 27:13)
(b.San. 110b)

It must be understood here that the "World to Come" here refers to the Messianic Kingdom.  There was a conflict between Akiva and Eliezer as to whether the Lost Ten Tribes would return.  In the Gemara we see that Rabbi Y'hudah, the Nasi of the Sanhedrin ruled in favor of Rabbi Eliezer's view, that the Ten Tribes would in fact return and have a part in the World to Come. (Whenever the Talmud refers to "Rabbi" without a name, it is a reference to Rabbi Y'hudah the Nasi).

This Gemara goes on to criticize Rabbi Akiba in this matter, saying that his position showed an unscriptural lack of compassion for the Ten Tribes:

Rabbah b. Bar Hana said in R. Johanan's name: [Here] R. Akiba abandoned his love, for it is written, “Go and proclaim these words toward the north, and say, Return, you backsliding Israel, says YHWH; and I will not cause my anger to fall upon you; for I am merciful, says YHWH, and I will not keep mine anger for ever” (Jer. 3:12).
(b.San. 110b)

In Jeremiah 3:6-18 the House of Israel returns and joins the House of Judah “one from a city, two from a family.”  (Jer. 3:14).  Here YHWH proclaims:

Go and proclaim these words toward the north, and say,
Return, you backsliding Israel, says YHWH;
and I will not cause my anger to fall upon you;
for I am merciful, says YHWH,
and I will not keep mine anger for ever.
(Jer. 3:12)

Rabbi Akiva’s view was:

The ten tribes are not destined to return,
since it is said, "And he cast them into another land,
as on this day" (Deut. 29:28).  
Just as the day passes and does not return,
so they have gone their way and will not return,"
(m.San. 10:3)

The Gemara tells us that Akiva’s view was wrong because it denied the love that YHWH expresses toward the Lost Ten Tribes in Jeremiah 3:12.  

Scattered among the Gentiles are untold numbers of descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel who are discovering their identity and their kinship to the Jewish people.  Those who agree with Rabbi Akiva in denying this truth have, like Akiva, “abandoned his love.”  

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Comment by Joseph S on June 21, 2012 at 4:25pm

There is more than one reason a man can find to 'reason for' Messiah, the suffering Servant, to come (almost two thousand years ago) and to give up His life on the 'tree'. And I'm sure there are reasons we can not find ourselves but must be shown by YHVH. But I see a reason that applies directly to the 'ten tribes' of Israel...the 'ephraimites'.

     The northern ten tribes were 'divorced' from the covenant of YHVH and per Torah, they being wayward, could not come back to their former Husband, YHVH. They had gone after other lovers, and their 'land' was polluted. So they were exiled from the land as well and for a sentence of 390 years. The exile could have ended after the first 390 years had the ten tribes given themselves to repentance, but they did not and so, per Torah, they had to serve seven times this amount or 2730 years. In my 'walkabout' with YHVH I have found that on Nov 22, 722 BCE, the king of the northern tribes was captured by the Assyrians and this effectively ended all hopes and dreams of the northern tribes of remaining a kingdom. Their political destiny was finished and they were now without a country.

     But let us say that the northern tribes had repented. Let us say that they had done what we see Judah doing when Judah came out of Babylon. I venture to say that they would have remained in the land because YHVH, seeing their repentance, would have allowed them back into the land. They would have fulfilled the requirement for national repentance,. But, this would not have brought them back into covenant as they had been divorced and had gone after other lovers. So now we would have seen a ten tribe situation of them in the land but without covenant blessings from YHVH, not being "married" to YHVH. And per Torah they would not have been able to return by the way they had come as they are prevented to return to their former husband.  So what to do to bring the now divorced people back into covenant?....YHVH sends His Suffering Servant, His only begotten Son, Who is the salvation of Yah, ie Yahushua....From then on, ie after the crucifixion and the resurrection of the 'Suffering Servant', the ten tribes would have been in the land AND those who accepted Yahushua as Messiah and as their 'substitutiton or covenant redeemer' would also be in covenant with the ABBA of the Servant, YHVH. And we would have seen the whole house restored at that time.

     But the reality is that the ten tribes did not repent and so they (we) have spent 2730 years in exile from the land. As a 'nation/status' that has been our fate for all these years...all this time, as singer/songwriter Sting would say. Now the 2730 year exile has ended.  I accept the punishment of YHVH and I repent of my forefathers iniquity and I return unto YHVH and accept His provision for my entering into covenant with Him, YHVH. I have met all the legal requirements for return unto our land, in the portion of YHVH among the nations.  And as the northern ten tribes have been synonymously known as 'ephraimites' in their rebellion I am now 'Joseph' in my return, for I am not rebellious. I keep the feast days of YHVH, our ABBA, and His set apart calendar. I see His Mazzaroth and hear His prophecies.

     So now, with the ten tribes in the world and still  not in the land, yet repentant upon the end of exile, we now have a situation of a covenant redeemed and nationally repentant people who are not in the land. These are not Judahites, although there are many such people in and out of the land who have accepted Yahushua as Messiah and are of the house of Judah.  As in both houses there are people who do not believe in Yahushua as Messiah. So now we see the ten tribes in the world and having covenant relation again with YHVH per the sacrifice of the Suffering Servant and that described in Hebrews 9:26 (New Jerusalem Bible,Standard edition, text of 1985) : "As it is, He has made His appearance once, and for all, at the end of the last age, to do away with sin by sacrificing Himself." In accepting Him as  our sacrifice, we of the house of Israel ten tribes, formerly divorced from covenant, are now redeemed back into covenant and it pleases the Father/ABBA, YHVH to do this for us. In so holding the door open for the "lost" ten tribes to return into covenant with ABBA, YHVH, Messiah holds the door to any person of any nation tribe or peoples; whosoever wants can accept Yahushua as messiah and be grafted into Israel and be a member and receive covenant blessings from our ABBA, YHVH. This is the plan also. It isn't just about 'lost ephraimites' but about bringing into covenant and into protection and blessing a lost and dying world...a world conscripted by 'ha-satan'.  But Yahuhsua has said in the Brit that He did not come for the 'righteous' but for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  In Luke we have a very good example of a righteous Zacharia and Elizabeth, the father and mother of John the 'baptist/immerser'. ( a false christian doctrine is that 'immersion' cleanses you from sin and/ or is symbolic of sin being washed away. It does is symbolic of cleansing you from the ways of the world, the 'taint' of their worship days and icons and symbols such as 'asherah/christmas' trees and painted/ easter eggs). Zachariah and Elizabeth are said to have kept YHVH's laws and commandments perfectly and they walked perfect before the Lord YHVH.  So it stands to reason that if Judahites, never having been divorced, wish to continue in the covenant practice of slaying an animal every year for the sins of the individual and the sins of the nation then who am I to say NO....but why? Yahushua has said 'take upon you My yoke, for it is light' and I take this to mean that if you accept Him as your sacrifice then, like with the animal sacrifice, you are freed of the sin and the consequences of that sin and this has passed, just like it had done so with the animal, over to Yahushua...and it pleases the ABBA, YHVH, to do it this way.  Because Yahushua is the son Of Elohim (YHVH) then His sacrifice has a much much higher meaning and a perfect fulfillment of the Will of YHVH, our ABBA, to do away with whatever comes between us and Him and once and for all time. And the "resurrection of Yahushua also tells us that even death is overcome with His sacrifice. With the "animal sacrifice" practice or mechanism,  we would have to do the sacrifice every year and the high priest would have to be entirely without sin himself. And that someday we would falter as all human beings do, we would fail and go right back under the curse of the law of sin and death....but now with Yahushua we are freed and He as our High Priest will never falter and will carry us through every year at Yom Kipp'r as He does the work of the High Priest before the Most High God, YHVH. As a nation we will never be separated from YHVH again. As individuals we have to go through moments where we may fail but we are still never without advocacy through our sacrifice Yahushua. And so, barring abject insane rebellion toward Messiah, we, as individuals, are always in covenant with the Most High God YHVH.

     All that is really necessary at this time is for the two houses to be gathered into one whole house of Israel. Once the gathering is complete then I suspect that the next step will be to 'place/lead/install' the newly formed whole house of Israel into the land of promise. Right now there are several Judahites and, now House of Joseph, formerly "ephraimites", who are in the land of promise, ie Judea or in the northern section what used to be called the Galilee. They are in the land but as individuals and not as a 'house' or nation state. There is a prophecy of YHVH that says that when He sends His Messiah into the world He will mount the House of Judah as His battlemount and ride forth to save/strengthen the house of Joseph. Today, June 20th, [1st day of Tammuz and what I believe is the ancient birthday of Joseph son of Jacob] is the birth day of the House of Joseph....June 20th, 2012 CE.  So it seems that the House of Joseph has some waiting to do before they can enter the land. As we wait we are also not without status before our ABBA as we are also in covenant so I don't expect the waiting to be traumatic and not anymore than what the Hebrews experienced when they had 'manna' from heaven. We know that YHVH will provide and shall and learning from Moshe's generation of so-journers, we know not to grumble. But this is hard for many of us and so even Messiah knows this and is our propitiation before the fiery jealousy of our ABBA and so we have the continued grace as we are His company, the newly birthed, formed, redeemed House of Joseph/Israel. He helps us every one to pass through the fire and to have the circumcised heart that He wants for us. It should be remembered that when the silversmith can see his face in the silver then he removes the fire, for the fire is for cleansing only.

     Now with the House of Israel there is the rather there was the exile, for it has ended. Those who are aware of this, right now, are those people who have become awake and are witnessing this transition. First it is being signified in the Mazzaroth. After this signification it will be brought about by the Hand of YHVH, the Messiah.  Like in the secular world we generally see the sign first then the actual thing being signified, such as a road sign....bridge ahead sign, then the bridge.  The exile has ended and the date, as far as I know, is Nov 22, 2009. At first I thought it was 2008 and this was also at the same time I was becoming aware of this. I have since changed my opinion due to what I think is correct to say that since there was no 'year zero' then this added one year to the date and made it 2009. I also see in the Mazzaroth that this year, the third year since the end of the exile is the year in which YHVH speaks words that He said He would speak and this He prophesied through the prophet Hoseah in chapters one and two.  "In that place where it is said 'you are not my people' I will say 'you are the children of the living YHVH'....(paraphrasing). This refers to a sign in the sky and this has been done.  Since the exile has ended, for these last two years and now going into the third year, we see the 'wise' virgins (ie people made clean as individuals and that by the 'blood of the lamb' on Pesach) cleansing their robes ie cleansing their habits etc of the world and its worship systems and symbols, icons, objects etc.

     In the Parable of Moshe we see that YHVH told Moshe to go down the mountain and tell the people to wash their robes clean for in the third day He (YHVH) would come and visit them. The day for the 'sacrifice for the nation" is Yom Kipp'r....I'll leave it to the scholars here to discuss that day..I have an opinion but I sense it is woefully undernourished and I need the substance of good minds to discuss this and allow me to listen in.

     We are now in the third day and the wise virgins have been washing their robes clean of the filth of the world and like John the Baptist who cleansed others we are now cleansed ourselves. One could say that this is the extra oil that Yahushua spoke about in the parable of the ten virgins. With Yahushua as king over Israel and He being a good king, like all the good kings He will bring down the iconic structures that are now in the land and make way for His returning people, formerly 'ephraimites, but now the new House of Joseph.

     In the land today there are pretenders, out right rebels, people of other gods who are enemies to YHVH,  sycretisits, secularist/atheists who deny YHVH and work to discredit His Name, false teachers and their followers etc.....and military and business/political interests. The world bank has its grip; the Vatican has its grip; The Islamist has its many heads are on this hydra(?) with at least one claiming Judah for the Jews...all against YHVH and His plan. They have created a devilish monstrosity of mixed interests. Their altars and their pollutions of the land must come to an end and we, the house of Joseph, although we see this and witness to the need, we are not able to bring this about. The world is too strong for us to overcome what they have constructed in the land of promise. They have even given it a name...the claim the name of Israel, except for the Islamists who wish to erase the name of Israel and YHVH too....So there is a dilemma for YHVH if He does not clear the land for His people who are now ready to enter the land.

     And so this shall be done and there is prophecy that speaks to this. Thank you for being patient here in reading this. This is all a very legal matter in the court of the most High YHVH/Elohim. The verdict of course is that the newly redeemed and formed house of Israel needs its land back. Those who possess it right now must be disenfranchised from the land and it must meet Torah specs. I suspect this is where the concept of  "Jubilee" comes in. I again leave this to the Judahites who are probably more equipped at this time to explain the mechanism to the newly formed House of Joseph.  Let me explain one more thing. The transition of the people of the House of Joseph from darkness and loss of God to what we are now, standing before Him in expectation of the future, has been heartwrenching to say the least. Our past is littered with our dead, many of whom were either slain for standing or slain for trying to get away. We have come a long way though and Messiah has been our beacon of hope for many years (and still is and will be forever). Judah must tend to our hearts as we have been abused same as you. Take care of us as even an older and loving brother would do. We are not your persecutors nor are we pretenders to the throne. We are the House of Joseph, plain and simple. That is all.

     Of course, no one need agree with me but then this just may not be my opinion but merely an observation of the opinion of someone Higher in awareness and knowledge. But see this. Since YHVH spoke the words "You are now the children of the living YHVH" through the prophet Hosea then He is the One who must deliver...hence it is His argument to make and His position to defend and empart...I just stand in awe and amazement and in complete agreement with His Spoken Word.......which I must say is His recorded in the BIBLE...I hope that I am not too late in these discussions about the two houses. Thank you and may YHVH flow His blessings upon you....


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