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So what is the Obama Administration and his Nazi-Progressive Democratic Party's response to Americans' outrage over their control and kill healthcare plan? More Nazism -- of course.

The director of communication for the White House Office of Health Reform, Linda Douglas, wants you to turn in anyone you suspect of giving out "fishy" disinformation about the "Anoited One," his most Magnificent and Merciful, President Barack Hussein Obama's (Peace Be Upon Him) healthcare proposal. That probably would include me. So my email address is, send it to

Such an idea smacks of the Nazi "HJ-Streifendienst" that had German friends and families turning in to the Gestapo anyone (even friends and family members) that said any thing deragatory of the Nazis and Hitler. You may think politics and religion don't mix, but if you believe Yeshua is the Messiah then by nature you are a political animal because you are a king/queen of a very political entity -- the Kingdom of Heaven.

One of the protesters of Obama's healthkill plan was spotted by the Nazi-Progressive media holding a Bible and they jumped all over it to show how stupid the people who oppose their false political Messiah are. The Bible and those who believe in it are the enemy as far as these Nazi-Progressives are concerned. They would just as soon shot you in the head, as the North Korean Commies did a 30 year old mother of three for handing out Bibles last week, as look at you.

Another great thing in the healthkill bill is a provision to give you a "National Health ID card" which will give the government access to your bank accounts and what ever else you do electronically. Isn't Barack Hussein Obama (Peace Be Upon Him) and the rest of the Nazi-Progressive Democratic Party great -- they just want to look out for you. So they will decide who is born and who is to die, while keeping an eye on everybody else as they go through life.

President Obama (Peace Be Upon Him) promised us he would "transform this country." Little did people know his plan was to transform it into Nazi Germany. He hates Jews, sides with Israel's enemies, wants his domestic political opponents silenced, while determining who lives and dies in America. That's "change you can believe in."

Maranatha Lord Jesus, please come back for us soon!

Shalom Aleikhem,

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Comment by Robert E. Larkin/Rosh Yisrael on August 6, 2009 at 2:00pm
Sure sounds Hitlerarian to me!!!
Comment by nadia tomazic on August 6, 2009 at 11:10pm
I am living in CARING HUMANE SOCIETY giving free health care education and mony for food to all neede citisens America is anly developed country with plenty mony for wars ,bombs and NASA projects but no mony fort he people I do not believe that Obame is diferent from another American leaders The people interested in politic are AFTER MONY AND POWER and they claim to folow Christ,in realitythey anlly God is a power and mony I am believer in predestination DO NOT WASTE MY ENERGY TRAYING TO HAVE POWER TO CHANGE POLITIC
Comment by James Trimm on August 7, 2009 at 2:05am
"Giving" is normally VOLUNTARY... taxes are not VOLUNTARY... this is not the Government GIVING anything, as the government does not have any source of income of its own. The only resources the government has must be taken (frankly at gunpoint) from its citizens. I am very much in favor of a caring society GIVING (VOLUNTARILY) to charitable organizations that can provide health care for those in need (that is ideal). I am even open to the government filling the role of charitable organization (though that is not its primary role) and providing health care to the indigent and disabled (which it already does through Medicaid, Medicare and local state and county Health programs). What is being talked about currently is ABOLISHING Medicaid and Medicare :-0 and instituting "Universal Health Care" which means Socializing the entire Health Care industry. I am not in favor of destroying the finest overall heath care system in the world.

The role of government is to maintain social order, and in our society (USA) guaranty our freedom. (This means making bombs). Fundamental to freedom is the right to own property, and fundamental to that is the right not to have that property taken at gunpoint. Taxes are a necessarily evil, but in a free society they must be kept at a minimum. If the government stripped itself down to primarily defending our borders, and trying to keep us from killing each other and breaking each others stuff... then it would not need near as much money and then the good people of this country, freed from the burden of excessive taxation, would have plenty of money to GIVE to charitable organizations to help the poor with health care etc. But as I said... that is ideal.

In the USA you ARE the Government. At least that is the idea.

All that said, I am quite aware that the USA has a likely future as a political incarnation of the "Beast" which 2Esdras describes as represented by an eagle with three heads (three branches of government).

As a wise man once said, Government is not the solution to our problems... government *is* the problem!
Comment by James Trimm on August 7, 2009 at 2:43am


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