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Dimension – minimal number of coordinates needed to specify any point within itself. [wiki]
We are employing space and dimension as synonymous terms.

Infinity – there are many different kinds of infinities.
Time – there are many different kinds of time, relative to the observer (natural or supernatural).

ARGUMENT 1 - Time had a beginning.
COUNTER – Time had no beginning as relative to the Father. He always existed.

ARGUMENT 2- Time is infused within all dimensions.
COUNTER – Time is not infused within all dimensions.

ARGUMENT 3 - It is possible for time to exist without space. It is also possible for time to exist without the first, second, or third dimension.
COUNTER – It is not possible for time to exist without space.

ARGUMENT - It is possible for space to exist without time.
COUNTER – It is not possible for space to exist without time.

ARGUMENT 4- In a one dimensional universe, the way to get from point A to point B without the dimension of time is to exist on all coordinates simultaneously, and infinitely in all directions of the line (axis).
COUNTER – But it is impossible to exist on all coordinates of the line without the dimension of time – for Point A is not at the same place (coordinate) as Point B, and so on. The only way to be at Point A and Point B, for any finite being, is to include the dimension of time [or, the existence of time within the dimension].

ARGUMENT 5- Any object that exists in a dimension must exist with time (and it is impossible to exist without time) for it had a beginning. It began in time.
COUNTER – But a 3rd dimensional object does not need time to exist – for, like a child being brought forth and sustained by his mother, and then having been weaned from the sustenance of his mother, he continues to grow and mature apart from her sustenance. Thus, an object having an origin from an original source (from an element or maker) does not necessitate the co-existence of its source (element or maker) in order to exist. Therefore, the object had to have time in order to begin its existence, but now no longer needs time to exist.
REBUTTAL – See point above counter. Prove that you can just take time out.
COUNTER – Freeze-frame of any motion picture. You stop its movement and everything that shows that it is lapsing with the aid of time.
REBUTTAL – Stopped time is not time taken out. Just as if you were to pause a VHS tape, the picture is still there, waiting to be resumed. Time is still in motion, just paused.
COUNTER – The analogy still holds true. A frozen-frame from a motion picture signifies the motion picture is no longer in motion. Like, another example – everyone and everything at a party all of a sudden freezes. It is possible for this to exist.
REBUTTAL - There would be no law of thermodynamics, true. But The Father still exists; time still goes on.
COUNTER – Time of course can still exist outside of the freeze-frame. But the freeze-frame still remains devoid of time. It is taken out of this portion of existence even though it can exist elsewhere.

ARGUMENT 6 - There is no dimension in our Universe higher than the 3rd dimension.
COUNTER - Rubbish.

PRINCIPLES - It is possible for time to exist within the 1st dimension, therefore, time does not need to be limited to being “the fourth dimension.”

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