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You can see the answer to my delema as I polk the keys again. I won't take much of your time -- my name is Lionel, I live in Endicott,NY (the Southern Tier, near Binghamton), I lived here for all my 51 years of my earthly sojourn. My 27th year of walking with the Living One is this coming June 21st.

Over those 27 years I have lived my life, raised my kids, and burned a lot of "Midnight Oil" reading the Bible and books written men about the Bible. I have a very special relationship with the Holy Spirit, He has been a "Comforter" and so much more to me.

Over the years I have read the Bible, in its entirity, 16 times and have referred to it thousands of time. The Word of God is good food for your heart, mind and soul. It's a double edged sword, that if welded correctly as Yeshua used it in the desert, it can cut Satan and make him flee from you, and he will also be in fear of you.

Right now I just got in a Kingdom of Heaven operation here on earth to arm the people of earth, especially our persecuted bvrothers and sisters, with Bibles. I noticed a lot of you have joined to learn about the prophecies, and as an eschatologist I applude you for that, but we are living in the End Times right now and the world is killing us -- right now. If you want some end times prophecy read about the church of Smyrna in Revalation and think that last year over 165,000 people were killed, martyred, for their Christian/Messianic faith. Just last week in San Diego Country the local officials tried to shut down a pastor's home Bible study.

Jesus told us that the world will hate us because it hated Him first. however I never thought I would see it here in America, but it is. The "politcally correct" are out to persecute in anyway you and I -- the talmidim of Yeshua. They hate us and the coustic culture will only get worse, perilous time are here. Jesus said when we see these things we are to hold up our heads and look up, because redemption is coming. Lets not have him come and find us not taking care of one another, especially those the most vunerable and persecuted, Matthew 25.

The war goes on -- read Ephesians 6 -- and get in it.

So here's wishing you and yours a great Shabbot Shalom,

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Comment by WC Windom on June 8, 2009 at 3:30am
I absolutely agree. This is the very thing I explain to those I teach at the Mission. The study of Prophecy can be fascinating, and we should know what the Word teaches about it. But if you truly want to understand it you only have to look around at the world and see what is happening.


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