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Top Ten Ways Woodstock was like Mt. Sinai

This is a repost from "" (Kosher comedy community). So funny I just had to share:

10. 600,000 people experienced both in the middle of nowhere

9. Both took place at Beth El

8. Both had people claiming to hear "God", except at one they were referring to Hendrix

7. God put on a much better psychedelic laser light show, sans the Grateful Dead

6. A nation was born (or at least conceived)

5. Both had "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll" although at one, the words "thou shalt not" preceded each of those things

4. Bearded hippies, in robes, all camping in tents, all calling each other "brother"

3. Wood stock is what they used to build the Ark of the covenant

2. Everyone says they know someone that was there

1. One had a lot more people dropping tablets

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