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My wife Kitty Trimm was hospitalized for 53 consecutive days in August and September of 2018. She had three major surgeries and was in the ICU on a ventilator twice, for several days each, during this stay. She came home to a difficult recovery, and is still being seen several times a week by a home health care nurse. She is still (as of Jan. 24th, 2019) having complications and being seen by three different specialists. During t the 53 days I lost my full time job, and I am currently acting as her caregiver. As a result of this lengthy hospitalization we came home broke and behind on bills and facing medical bills not covered by insurance. We are raising funds to help us get caught up on bills. We will use the donations to pay bills including but not limited to medical bills, medical supplies, rent, car payments and utility bills, as well a pay for food and toiletries.

Visit the Trimm Family Crisis Go Fund Me Page

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