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I wanted to share some things with you all concerning Colossians 2:14. In this passage the very popular NIV version reads:

having canceled the written code, with its regulations,
that was against us; he took it away, nailing it to the cross.
(Col. 2:14 NIV)

This is a classic example of mistranslation producing an anti-nomian text. Many then interpret the “written code, with its regulations” to be the Torah, which they then say was canceled, taken away and nailed to the cross.

In the original Aramaic this verse reads (translated literally in the HRV) as:

He has blotted out, by His commandments, the handwriting of our debts which were
against us, and He took from the midst and fastened it on His gallows.
(Col. 2:14 HRV)

The Aramaic phrase B'PUKDANA SH'TARA CHAUVIN “by His commandments, the handwriting of our debts” was mistranslated in the Greek as CHEIROGRAFON TOIS DOGMASIN meaning literally “handwriting of dogma” which the various English translations render as follows:

KJV: “handwriting of ordinances”
RSV: “bond… with its legal demands”
NAB: “bond… with its legal claims”
NAS: “certificate of debt consisting of decrees”
TEV: “unfavorable record of our debts, with its binding rules”
NIV: “the written code, with its regulations”
NEB: “the bond which pledged us to the decrees of the law”
Beck: “The Law’s demands”

In the Aramaic grammar “handwriting of our debts” is being blotted out “by his commandments”. Either the Greek translator omitted the B- preposition from the beginning of this phrase (Thus wrongly reading “He has blotted out His commandments, the handwriting of our debts…”) or he had a copy with a rearranged sentence reading “And he abolished the handwriting of debts in His commandments…”.

This is a perfect example of having to understand Paul’s words, not from the Greek, and certainly not from the English translations of the Greek, but from the original Aramaic.

When the Hebraic Roots Version was published eight years ago. It was the first Sacred Name, Messianic edition of the Scriptures to translate the “New Testament” from the original Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts rather than the Greek. It was also the first English “New Testament” to place the NT books back in the original manuscript order.

Some passages do not make sense in Greek but only make sense when we translate these passages from the original Hebrew and Aramaic. Past translations of the Aramaic have assumed that the Greek was original, and thus missed these passages because they assume that the Greek mistranslation must be original. In other cases they simply read anti-nomian Christian theology into the Aramaic.

Now an ostensibly Christian organization has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to effectively ban the Hebraic Roots Version… this is a version of the Bible they do not want you to have!

You can get the Hebraic Roots Version in book form from ISR at:

And you can get the e-text version from Take Hold Books at:

You can make donations to this legal defense fund at or at You can also make tithes and offerings to the WNAE general fund at the same locations.

There is so much misunderstanding of Paul that we are planning an Understanding Paul seminar. Keep in touch for details.

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Comment by Cindy Quigley on August 10, 2009 at 3:49pm
It is too bad that many people have become complacent in their Biblical studies. As was said above, many people rely too heavily on the pastors or preachers to give them their "Biblical dose of truth" for the day, instead of carefully searching out the Scriptures, studying it to find out the REAL truth for themselves in the Tanak. Many things that Shaul speaks of, you can find from Yeshua's teachings and the Torah and prophets of the Old Testament. It is awesome to be continually growing and learning about the teachings of Sh'aul, through this blog, and it challenges me to continue to look deeply into the Scriptures, to find out its original meaning abd intent. Thank you, Dr.Trimm for sharing this insight!


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