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Understanding differences between Kosher and Halal foods Recently believers of Yahweh were alerted that many Halal foods are being served around the United States are warned believers that these foods are not the same as kosher food according to the Bible. Even more alarming is Halal foods are prayed over in another God's name and sacrificed in a way that can be compared as sacrificed to idol. The Bible clearly permits this.

There are many misconceptions about Kosher and Halal, even among the Jewish people and Muslims. Worldwide. Kosher and Halal foods are not the same. There are some Kosher and halal foods that are similar: Both prohibit the use of pork, pork products and blood in food however there are a good amount of differences. The following are some examples of the differences:

Within the system of Halal foods, the name of their god has to be invoked individually on each animal to be slaughtered. People are commanded to not only say his name but also say he is the greatest.

Meat of rabbit and shellfish, and are considered permissible in the eyes of the Islamic Law but they are prohibited in kosher law.

Islam prohibits all intoxicating alcohols, liquors, wines, and drugs. However, the kosher law considers all wines Kosher.

Mixing dairy and meat is prohibited in rabbinical kosher foods, but is not an issue in halal.

There is other issue besides these differences why someone who is a believer in Yahweh should stay way from Halal foods. I'd like to do future podcasts about those issues, but here is my pod today about the differences between Kosher and Halal foods.

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Comment by Avshalom Ovadya Tzuar on January 29, 2011 at 2:05am
Thanks Paul, I thought it was the same. I'm glad I heard this so I dont make the mistake of eating foods that are blessed or sacrificed to any foreign gods


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