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Update from Rabbi Trimm's Wife (Update)

--- >>> UPDATE: Still need to raise $162 by the end of today !

As many of you know My wife Inga "Kitty" Trimm was hospitalized for nearly two months with Septic shock (Aug and Sept) much of it in ICU (pictured) and has come home for a difficult recovery, she is still under home health care. We came home broke and behind on bills.

The unfortunate truth is that some patients never fully recover from septic shock. At this point it appears that my wife may well fall into that category. I will post more on this later.

I have not posted the Facebook Fundraiser so far this week. The reason is that it can take those funds a few days to reach us, and we have an immediate need. Our electric bill will be pending in the account Tuesday.

We need to raise $265 by the end of the day today!!! (3/4/2019) Or our account will go into the negative tonight and start a chain reaction of bounces and fees,

If you can help with any amount please donate by Paypal to donations@wnae,org These donations will reach us almost instantly

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