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Update on my wife:
(if you know the history, you can skip to the *> at the bottom for the updated info.

As you may know I recently took my wife to the ER because she has been having abdominal pain. The CT scan report said she has one and maybe two hernias. This is very serious. In 2015 she had two abdominal surgeries. As a result of the weakening of her abdominal wall (from these surgeries), she had an abdominal hernia in 2017, for which she had a mesh surgically installed. Then in 2018 the hernia worked its way south of the mesh, and another surgery was supposed to fix this. Unfortunately she ended up with a perforated bowel and septic shock and two additional surgeries to save her life. She was 53 days in the hospital, twice in ICU on a ventilator for about a week each time. As a result of these life saving surgeries, the mesh was cut right down the middle, leaving her with no hernia protection at all. She was told at the time that she *can't* get another hernia, meaning that she could, but that if she did, it would have to become life threatening before they would do anything about it, because she is super high risk for any more surgery. Now this worst case scenario is playing itself out!

*> We made an appointment with her surgeon. He was skeptical of the idea that she has a hernia. He wasn't fully accepting of the radiologists CT scan report, and wanted to look at the images himself. He said he would call us after he was able to look at the actual CT scan images.

He finally called today, and the news was not good. He has determined that she does, in fact, have the beginnings of a new hernia. He does not feel competent to do this surgery, and has referred her to a specialist at a University to do the surgery. He said that even if she were not obese, this would be a difficult and dangerous surgery.

This surgery will be very high risk. Her chances on the surgical table are not good.

Her Medical Crisis Gofundme page is at:

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Comment by Lawrence Zupan on October 31, 2019 at 4:32pm

Take her to Mayo Clinic!

Comment by Lawrence Zupan on October 31, 2019 at 4:32pm

Take her to Mayo Clinic!


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