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What Does the Number 666 Really Signify?

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Comment by Andy (c) on April 25, 2017 at 4:13pm

Thank you, James,

To me your way of writing 666 in Hebrew letters is a most valuable addition to my own prior considerations. Seing also that 300 + 300 = 600, I might consider also the corresponding letters of those numbers. That is, while replacing your 'resh' and 'tav' with 'shin' + 'shin'. Perhaps you could help me find a Hebrew word using that as an alternative?

Either way, I would find it most valuable, in a case like this, was I to have access to these passages re 666 as written within an original Hebrew text.

I find your version most interesting also in that the Hebrew word meaning "hidden, secret, concealed" goes hand in hand with the name written on the forehead of the harlot in Revelation 17:5. That is the name "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH."

Considering the word meaning of each of those letters I am then given the two alternatives:

1. 'Serpent,' 'whip or tie,' 'tooth,' 'tooth,' that is, as in the letters 60, 6, 300, 300, or else

2. 'Serpent,' 'whip or tie,' 'sign or cross,' (400) and 'head' (200.)

Thus, in #1 as in #2 I find the 6 and 60 of the 666 being associated with Shatan's (60; serpent) characteristics of using violence (6; 'whip') and bondage (as in tie and tying.)

Likewise in #1 I find the 600 of the 666 being twice associated with 'tooth' (300, 'shin') as in 'dent-al,' dent-ist,' and, most importantly, in 'i-dent-ification.' That is, as in a 'mark' of ownership twice emphasized. Personally, I find this double emphasis, as in 'shin' being twice repeated, as also in the higher level of emphasis of the higher number 600 in comparison to the 60 and the 6. Comparing the significance of the 666 being a mark upon the wicked, as being claimed by the Beast, by the State, by the Vatican, by the Pope, and by 'Shatan,' as their own, and the significance of 'One' being the mark of ownership upon the foreheads of the People of the Creator YHWH Elohim [Ezekiel 9:3, 4,] I find for myself most powerful meaning within those letters and words! That is, by what means do I usually i-dent-ify myself, when asked to do so by whomever I may recognize or claim as my 'authorities?:' Whom do I claim to be? Of whom am I a member? Of what am I a citizen? What or who do I myself choose to work or bow before from day to day in my daily life and pursuit? Whose schooling and training do I seek for myself and/or for my little ones? Whose servants do I in effect submit my body and the bodies of my little ones to? As in volunteering for the cleverly hidden supertoxic poisons "hiding secretly and concealed" within those Trojan Horses called Vaccines while being falsely acclaimed by the majority as a saving grace of their Lord and God, that is of Shatan, the great Deceiver that is fooling all too many into blindly believing themselves being "the children of God." Under whatever name of their chosen 'church...' Of whom...???

There is a choice available to each one! Am I willing to step out from within "the box" of tradition, and of the conventional wisdom of the many, and out of that which is "Politically Correct?"

Likewise, I find great significance in item #2 above. That is, in the letters 'tav,' and 'resh:'

'Tav' being a letter powerfully associated with the 'cross' as the murderous weapon used for the 'crucifixion' of Messiah, and as in the "hidden, secret, concealed" meaning within the numerous subtle distortions, mistranslations, and destruction, of the Holy Scriptures. That is, by such translators as choose to give preference to Tradition and Traditional Teaching. That is, Traditions as placed over and above the brightly shining truths as otherwise always available to the few who dare to study God's words for themselves. That is, as studied under the guidance of none but the Holy Spirit of the Father and of the Son within the Family of God. That is, the Family of God as i-dent-ifiable by means of the image presented to us within Gen 1:26-27. That is, the foundation of each our family, the foundation of every living man and woman as the result of a union between a male and between a female. That is, male and female as bound by a mutual covenant, be such covenant as it may... So much for 'tav' as a 'sign or cross' upon the forehead (mind, choice, focus) or upon the right hand (actions, work, blind submission or loyalty) of men.

'Resh' of course means 'head' as in the head of the Serpent Shatan and his claims of ownership, based as it is upon nothingness, lies, fiction, fantasy, tradition, fraud, and virtual reality in the land of Oz. That is, not unlike the many "hidden, secret, concealed" actions within CIA, within District of Columbia, within the 50 pseudo-states founded in and upon DC. That is, the individuals among the people of US blindly accommodating as 14th Amendment citizens while voluntarily (albeit blindly and unintentionally) discarding/selling each their own birth right as real time free Citizens of the 50 real time Republics of America. That is, as in perceiving as a mere mystical virtual reality, that which may seem (unto them) unattainable to all but a very few daring ones that do not hesitate to stand up for their Creator and Redeemer as revealed by a most personal study of, and commitment to, the original Word of God, as of YHWH Elohim Himself as the 'head.' Yes, as the 'Resh.' That is, 200 as a higher power of the two-someness within the 2 of 1+1=2 of Genesis 2:24.

Likewise, and most significantly, I find time itself, and most importantly the calendars we, I, freely choose for controlling myself, my schedule, my habits, and my chosen traditions. That is, as in submitting under whichever king whose name began its reckoning. Whether the Gregorian/Julian calendar beginning its reckoning from the beginning of the reign of Caesar Tiberius (the christ of the river Tiber of Rome,) or of any other calendar that is not solidly in the process and pursuit of honoring ever more the Creator of all, the One whose record begins with Genesis Chapter One... some 5936 years ago...

Blessings! Shalom!


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