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What is ahead for us in the USA and Israel?

Not trying to bring up bad things, or sad ones, not trying to depress anyone, just want to bring up some facts we need to be ready for. We all see what is happening with our money system in the USA, and really the whole wide world. Things are setting up for a one world government, or something like that in the very near future. Everything the government tries to do, seems to backfire, and things seem to be falling down the drain. When you look at history, there is one common thread that seems to happen every time this happens, the Jews get blamed for it. Now don't take my word for it, look into history and see.
With the internet, and great teachers in our day, truth is everywhere, the mainstream church is losing members to the Jewish people, messianics, and even Muslim. The foundation of the church teaching is falling apart, and they can't cover it up much longer. So we see we have two area's falling apart, and yes you got it, we will be blamed for the failure of the church also. Ok Mika'el, what is this blog about? I hear most of you saying, each of us must be at total peace where we are at in our faith. We are all fixing to see hatred that we never thought we would see, our on brothers and sisters, moms and dads, will soon turn on us, thinking we are the reasons everything is falling apart.
Now more than ever before, ground yourself in what ever truth in Torah you are in, and hold on, the storms are coming, and we must be ready. If you follow Torah, you will be considered a Jew, matters not what your blood say's, we will be a target, but at the same time, we are also a safety net, to help catch those from falling into no faith in G-d at all, becoming deist, and so on. Now is the time, learn Truth, and know your facts, this site is a great place to learn and get grounded.
Again, this is not a fear letter, its what I feel the Father has put on my heart to share, so, get ready, its almost time we will see the redemption very soon.

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