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What's Missing In Churchianity And The Hebrew Roots Moment - Acts 2:45; 4:34


   Friends, members of an assembly, believers in Yahshua (Jesus), members of the body of Messiah; there are many of those who are believers in the faith who eagerly wait for that which, is supposedly what gave more meaning and evidence towards another pronounced meaning, within the people of faith to have a more intense faith... the beginning of Yahshua living within His people.

But not just living in but also living through Yahweh's people; Yahshua's (new?) body. That which Christianity calls The Church. That which the Hebrews roots people understand better because it is (was) still founded on Jewish scripture, using Jewish people, and primarily within a Jewish mindset. It now had a "Leader" who was (had died) and who is (is risen) Jewish in language and thought, to this very day.

    Obviously I am speaking of that which took place in Acts chapter 2. A very momentous occasion of mere humans "doing" miracles. Yahshua living through men and women that the world may believe in whom they had rejected. A feast that came alive through the Messiah in the power of the Holy Spirit and unleashed the power of Elohim into and onto mankind.

    But for how long? When did it slow to a trickle or even stop? Was it man or did Yahweh quench the Spirit? Was it Christianity, Churchianity, or the Hebrew roots that put a screeching halt to that which started in the time frame of the book of Acts?


Until we have answers to those questions I doubt if we can return to those days. Another question we should answer, in reference to the others is: When? When did it start?




    At what point could we pin point the start of the decline of "The Church" or more correctly the body of the Messiah "using" His people, or more correctly living through His people as a testimony of and to Yahshua? Before the end of the first century it had already started. By the fourth century Yahshua would not recognize it as His body, much less His church. Actually the word "church" was not even heard of until the fourth century. Before the fourth century was even closed the Messiah would not even be able to recognize His body within the "church".

Actually to find the true meaning of the word (English version) 'church' we need to go back to the 4th century... in and around Germany. [

The word "church" found in most (not all) Bibles is translated from the Greek word "ekklesia," and it means "called out ones." The word "church" is defined in most dictionaries as: "A building for public worship, especially Christian worship; the company of all Christians as a spiritual body." This, however, tells us nothing concerning the origin of this word and its original definition, meaning, and usage. Some theologians have erroneously stated that the word church comes from the Greek "kyrios" which means "lord," and thus "church" is those who belong to the Lord, or references the "Lord’s house." This is not, however, the origin or original meaning of the word "church."

And so we continue...

Robert Brown’s work The Myth of Kirke" also confirms that "kirke" (church) means "Circle" or "Circular" (p. 22).


 Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, under the entry "church" adds this:

"The etymology of this word is generally assumed to be from the Greek, kurious oikos (house of God); but this is most improbable, as the word existed in all the Celtic dialects long before the introduction of the Greek. No doubt the word means ‘a circle.’ The places of worship among the German and Celtic nations were always circular [witness circular Stonehenge, one of the most ancient stone megaliths on earth]. Compare Anglo-Saxon ‘circe,’ a small church, with ‘circol,’ a circle."In Scotland it is called "Kirk" and in Gemany it is "Kirche," in England it is the word "Circe" (the "c" having a "k" sound).

But according to Brown’s book, "Kirke/Circe" was also the name of a Goddess. Kirke or Circe was the daughter of the Sun god, who was famous for taming wild animals for her circus. But get ready for this: Circe is pictured holding a golden cup in her hand mixed with wine and drugs, by which she controlled the kings of the world. Now where have we heard that before?

Revelation 17: 1-4

1 And one of the seven angels, who had the seven bowls, came and talked with me saying, Follow me. I will show you the judgment of the harlot, who sits upon many waters,

2 With whom the kings of the earth have fornicated, and all the inhabitants of the earth have become drunk, from the wine2072 of her fornication.

3 And he led me to the wilderness in the Spirit: and I saw a woman2073 who was sitting on a red beast that was full of names of blasphemy; that had seven heads and ten horns.2074

4 And the woman was clothed with purples and scarlet; gilded with gold, and precious stones, and pearls: and she had a cup of gold in her hand, and [it was] full of the abomination and pollution of her fornication.

5 And between her eyes it was written, Mystery Bavel, the great;2075 mother of harlots and of pollution’s of the earth.

6 And I saw that the woman was drunk from the blood of the Set-Apart-Ones, and from the blood of the witnesses of Yeshua. And I wondered [with] great wonder when I saw her.


    Now that we have defined the word church and how it is used, originally. So in a nutshell what has happened to "the Church"? It cares more for the trappings of church; the pomp and ceremony, than it does the 'head' of the church.


Mattityahu 10: 37 – 39 page 1195

37 And whoever loves his father and mother more than Me is not worthy of Me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than Me, is not worthy to be with Me in the Kingdom of Heaven.463 38 And whoever takes not his gallows, and follows Me, the same is not worthy of Me. 39 Whoever finds his nefesh will lose it,and he that loses his nefesh for My sake, will find it.

    Stop and meditate upon these verses. Spiritualize this. Think upon THESE things. The Assembly of Yahweh, The Bride of Yahshua, The Messiah, has gone through a metamorphosis and through enchantment turned into the self loving church. She has embraced that which Elohim abhors as holy rituals replacing the feasts of Yahweh. She has become the whore enchanting those who do business with her and rubbing elbows with the politic for our enslavement.

    We cannot be of the Father and reject His Word... any of it. Beresheet (Genesis)and all of it through D'varim(Deuteronomy), Yahshua (Joshua) through Mal'akhi, Tehillim (Psalms) through 2 Divrei HaYamim (2Chronicles). Then from Mattityahu (Matthew) through Yochanan (John), from the Acts of the Emissaries to The Revelation to the Emissary Yochanan is the Word of Elohim who is Yahshua who is The Torah (Instruction) to mankind.


John 6:38 page 1339

38 For I descended from heaven not to do My will, but to do the will of Him who sent Me.


    If you have, by the will of the Father, become part of the fold; what is your purpose? If Yahshua stated that His purpose, in descending from heaven, was to do the will of Him that sent Yahshua, for what purpose are you here? May I suggest it is to allow the Son to do the will of the Father through you. How are you doing in this? Are you a split personality or are you one with the Father and the Son?


John 17:13 And now I come to you. And these things I speak in the world that My joy might be full in them.

14 I have given them Your word: and the world hated them because they were not of the world, as I am not of the world.

15 I do not ask that You take them from the world: but that You keep them from evil,16 For they are not of the world, as I am not of the world.

17 Father, sanctify them by Your truth: for Your word is truth.1151

18 As you sent Me into the world, also I send them into the world. 19 And for their sakes, I sanctify My nefesh, that they also might be sanctified in truth.

20 And I do not ask for the sake of these alone, but also for the sake of those who will have trust in Me, through their word.

21 That all might be one, as You are My Father, in Me, and I am, in You: that they also might be one in us, that the world might believe that You sent Me.

22 And the glory that You gave Me I gave to them, that they might be one, as we are one.

23 I am in them, and You are in Me, that they be perfected into one: and that the world, might know that You sent Me, and that You have loved them, as also You loved Me.


How are we doing in this?


Luke 14: 27 – 33 Page 1306

27 And he who does not bear his gallows, and follow Me, is not able to become a talmid to Me.

28 For who of you who wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and think about his expenses--whether he has [the means] to complete it? 29 Lest, when he lay the foundation and is not able to finish, all who see will mock him:

30 And say that this man began to build, and was not able to finish.

31 Or what king who goes to war, to fight with his neighboring king, does not first think,whether he is able to meet with ten thousand, him who comes against him with twenty thousand?

32 And if not, while he is far away from him, he will send an ambassador and plead for shalom.

33 Thus, every one of you who does not forsake all his wealth, is not able to become a talmid to Me.


    Are we the emissaries He deserves? What have you given in return for your soul? What is your soul worth to you?


Romans 15: 1 – 3 page 1454

1 We then, the strong, ought to bear the infirmity of the weak,1545 and not to please ourselves:

2 But a man from us, should please his neighbor in good [things] as to edification,

3 Because that also the Messiah pleased not His nefesh. But as it is written, The reviling of your revilers has fallen upon Me.154


    Should we, also, bear the infirmity of the weak? What does that mean? … "please his neighbor in good as to edification". And it shall be fulfilled in us: The reviling of your revilers has fallen upon Me.


 1 Corinthians 10: 23 & 24, 33; Page1488

23 Everything is empowered to me, but not everything is profitable; everything is empowered to me, but not everything edifies.

24 Let no man seek his nefesh, but every man also that of his neighbor.

33 Even as I please every man in everything, and I do not seek a thing which is profitable to me, but a thing which is profitable to many, that they might have Life.


    Christian, does this describe you? Sabbath keeper, are you a personification of this? Then which of you can say, "I know Yahshua"? "Yahshua lives within".


1 Corinthians 13: 1 – 7

1 If I would speak in every tongue of the sons of men and, with [tongues] of angels, and not have love in me: I have become brass that sounds, or a cymbal that gives out noise.

2 And if I would have prophecy, and I would know all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I would have all trust so that I might move a mountain, and I do not have love: I am not a thing.

3 And if I would feed the poor all that I have, and if I would deliver my body to be burned, and I do not have love: I do not profit a thing.

4 Love is long suffering and kind: love does not envy. Love is not ruffled nor puffed up,

5 And does not do that which is shameful, and does not seek its own, and is not enraged, and does not think that which is evil;

6 Does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in Truth;

7 Endures everything, believes everything, hopes all; bears all;


    Someone please tell me they know someone who has this kind of love. Please, I want to be able to express this kind of love as proof that Yahshua of Elohim is true and this love is real.


Philippians 2: 1 – 8 page 1530

1 Therefore, if you have encouragement in the Messiah, or consolation of heart in love,or fellowship of the Spirit, or loving kindness and mercies,

2 Complete my joy: that you have one mind, and one love, and one nefesh, and one purpose.

3 And do not do anything in strife, or in vain glory: but with lowliness of mind, each one should esteem his neighbor as better than himself.

4 And a man should not be concerned for his nefesh: but each man also for his neighbor.

5 And think in your nefeshot that which also Yeshua the Messiah [thought]:

6 Who, as He was in the likeness of Eloah, did not consider it presumptuous to be an

equal1720 of Eloah.

7 But He emptied1721 His nefesh: and took on the likeness of a servant, and was in the likeness of the sons of men, and was found in fashion like a son of man.1722

8 And He humbled His nefesh, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the gallows.


    Was there anything, of Yahshua, that indicated, "What about My time"? "Why should I not get enjoyment; why is it always others before me"? Are you and I still, "what about me?"


Genesis 13: 9 (Hebrews 11: 8 & 9) page 19

9 Is not the whole land before you? Separate yourself I pray you, from me. If you will take the left hand, then I will go to the right: or if you take the right hand, then I will go to the left.


    Here in B'reisheet, is Avraham and Lot in a situation of decisions. There seems to be trouble brewing between the servants of Avraham and Lot, because Avraham's livestock and the livestock of Lot were numerous as well as the people of each. What to do? Avraham is definitely the leader of the group as a whole yet Lot also a leader of his own. Avraham gives Lot the choice. Lot takes the best. Yet Avraham still grows in all that he needs. And as a matter of fact Avraham ends up rescuing Lot and his family and livestock. There is not any indication that Avraham did that with the purpose of "you owe me".


1Kings 17: 12 – 15 page 472

12 And she said, As YHWH your Elohim lives, I have not a cake: only a handful of meal in the jar, and a little oil in the cruse. And behold, I am gathering two sticks, that I may go in and dress it for me and my son, that we may eat it, and die.

13 And Eliyah said unto her, Fear not: go and do, as you have said, but make me thereof a little cake first, and bring it forth unto me: and afterward make for you and for your son.

14 For thus says YHWH, the Elohim of Yisra’el: The jar of meal shall not be spent,neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that YHWH sends rain upon the land.

15 And she went and did, according to the saying of Eliyah: and she, and he, and her house, did eat many days.


    Does it not appear that Eliyah acted as if he were the savior and they owed him for coming to them? What could have been his purpose in acting in that manner. Trust; and obey.


    "And Eliyah said unto her, Fear not: go and do, as you have said, but make me thereof a little cake first, and bring it forth unto me: and afterward make for you and for your son."

    And through the prophet salvation came to a household not of the circumcision. The prophet obeyed and was rewarded with fulfillment of seeing, again, Yahweh as his sole need in the care of the the woman, her son, and to include the prophet. The appearance of "me first" was not that at all. It was the act of obedience, in the belief of Yahweh, that fed the woman, her child, and Eliyah. What else is there that we might miss?


Jeremiah 35: 6 & 7 page 642

6 But they said, We will drink no wine, for Yonadav, the son of Rekhav our father,commanded us, saying, You shall drink no wine: neither you, nor your sons, forever.

7 Neither shall you build house, nor sow seed, nor plant vineyard, nor have any. But all your days you shall dwell in tents, that you may live many days in the land wherein you sojourn.


    Most of us have set roots where we are. We have "settled down" in the land and in some cases have deep roots where we are. We are more part of the land (corrupted), where we are, than Adam was part of the land when he was formed of the earth. We are more heavenly minded (with false interpretations) and puffed up we are part of the spoil of the earth; no earthly good. We cling to what is "rightfully" ours instead of being what is rightfully His. The Nazarites "was a step closer" to the life with Elohim because the vow itself was to indicate total dependence on Yahweh. Are we totally dependent on His Son Yahshua? Are we really sojourners to a land not built with human hands? In other words; is our faith just talk


Daniel 1: 8 – 16 page 1027

8 But Daniel purposed in his heart, that he would not defile himself with the king's food,nor with the wine which he drank. Therefore he requested of the chief of the officers, that he might not defile himself.

9 And Elohim granted Daniel, mercy and compassion in the sight of the chief of the officers.

10 And the chief of the officers said unto Daniel, I fear my master the king, who has appointed your food and your drink. For why should he see your faces sad, in comparison with the youths that are of your own age? So would you endanger my head with the king?

11 Then said Daniel to the steward, whom the chief of the officers had appointed over Daniel, Hananyah, Mishael, and Azaryah,12 Try your servants, I beseech you, ten days: and let them give us pulse to eat, and water to drink.

13 Then let our countenances be looked upon before you, and the countenance of the youths that eat of the king's food: and as you see, deal with your servants.

14 So he hearkened unto them in this matter, and tried them ten days. 15 And at the end of ten days, their countenances appeared fairer. And they were fatter in flesh, than all the youths that did eat of the king's food.


    May I spiritualize this? Make a spiritual application of a flesh and blood need? Our bodies need a certain type of food to remain healthy. When we veer from the Creator's "recipe" changes occur in our body. These changes are an evolution towards a fatal event. Any "evolution" not of Elohim is a degenerate metamorphosis. It always leads to an evolution; evolving into an annihilation of a part of creation. As an example: Cancer in the human body is the result of evolution. The so-called "refined" sugar we eat today is the result of an evolutionary process. Called processed food.

    Our American society today, with its abundance of diabetes and cancers, is reeling from what is called processed food. Our main diet today is from, in other words, manufactured (processed) food. This processed/manufactured food promotes an evolutionary process in our bodies. The result is "pre-mature" death. The evolutionary process includes and precludes with a diseased body. One of the elements used in this evolutionary process is processed sugar. Cancer loves it.

    Natural foods without the processing ingredients benefit the body; made for the consumption of the body relays to the body what it needs to survive and fight off the evolutionary process of an early death.

    What does all this have to do with religion? Nothing.

But it has everything to do with the body of the Messiah. Our thinking processes work according to what we put into it.

What we put into our bodies affect our brains; how well it functions. This means that if we live primarily on processed foods our brains are already at a disadvantage. That leads to this: What we hear, watch; see and read, affects our thinking processes. If you spend more time seeing, reading, and hearing; partaking of the filth of this world, to what end is your thinking process going to be? The brain, like the body, will react only according to what it is fed.    

   Like the processed food to the body the brain can only respond to what it is "fed". If the information it is fed is faulty, the evolution of the information can, and will, be damaging. We cannot feed our brain with lies and distortions and come up with truthful conclusions.

    People who feed their bodies, primarily, processed food generally feed the brain truth mixed with lies, and that is a good indication their spirit is cancerous also. As a matter of fact their spirit has had cancerous producing evolution as their main "diet".

    A spirit that feeds on the Torah will know the difference between that which is pure and that which is a cancer to any society. That spirit knows to live on the Torah, known as the Truth, and by looking at our society, as a whole, sees the devastation of an evolved spirit living apart from the truth, as opposed, to the spirit that is fed only Truth.


    What does your body feed on? What does your brain feed on?

What does your spirit feed on?

Selfishness is the main diet of a cancerous society.


Acts 2:45 page page 1377 /

45 And those who had a possession, sold it and distributed to each man according to whatever was needed.


Acts 4: 34 page 1380

34 And there was no man among them who was needy: for those who owned fields and houses sold them, and brought the price of what was sold,

    Now, I am not promoting that we do exactly as they did, though with the right heart, there is nothing wrong with that thought, but I do believe our hearts should be more focused on what we have in the Messiah to the point we would gladly feel free enough to depend on Him totally and not wince at that thought, if He so directs us. We would gladly give, because it's all His.




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