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In "The New You" a program of Life Skills International, founded by Paul Hegstrom; though a Chrisitan he spends a modest amount of time using the Hebrew meanings of scripture from the Tanak and in the Renewed Covenant. He also spends a lot of time describing the Jewish pattern of child rearing.

What significance is this to my life?

It was through watching this that caused me to get serious in checking out, "what else am I missing out on?" by not understanding the Jewish roots of 'my' religion? Up to this point I was just dabbling in Sabbath Keeping studies and the Torah. This "Christian" program initiated my desire to really know the truth. And then live it.

"Okay, so what is your point?"

I'm getting to that. now.

From "conception" to "maturity" as a believer in the Messiah what is the 'given' time frame. If I "get saved" today how long should it take to maturity? So as not to belabor the point... 3 years. What do I use for that standard. The apostle Sha-ul, the Essenes, and The New You.

According to the way the brain functions when we get 'saved' a new stem of habits grow. At some point when the old habits stem notices it is not getting the attention and care it was receiving it attempts to do away with the new habit stem. According to Paul Hegstrom it takes a person who consistently feeds the "salvation" stem to completely re-wire the brain and the storms of life in this world do not take the devastating toll on the believer as compared to the one who flounders around trying to get there.

I would like to suggest that after reading the DAVAR Bible Study and more than half way through with the tests that a good beginning for any congregation would be this study by James Trimm.

My point is every congregation should have a 3 year study that incorporates how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to Yah(shua), and how we relate to each other.

According to Paul Hegstrom the answer is in the Tanak as well as the Messiah.

Does not scripture define the attributes of maturity?

What cha' think 'bout t'at?

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Comment by Cliff Tucker on June 21, 2010 at 12:26pm
Yes, I have read that. However, I have heard of a Yawist or few say it is wrong and it is annually. I believe that 3 years makes for a better understanding standing than "running through it" every year.
Comment by Cliff Tucker on November 28, 2010 at 8:32pm
As a matter of of the learned and still learning I believe that if one 'knows' the Torah they know the concepts of all scripture. It is my opinon there is only one 'litmus' test with in scripture and that is Torah. If any of the concepts are not in the Torah, that concept is not scriptural.


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