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When vultures circle, know that the signs of life is still below. But when they land and move toward their lifeless feast... death is sure.

So do not give up or grow faint or entertain the thought of, "What's the use?". As long as the vultures circle there still is life below...

Things are happening. Yah is blessing and like a butterfly the struggle to maturity is worth it. There are those who give up at first resistance. Those who give up when the struggle last for more than a short time. And then those who use it as an excuse to leave due to "it seems to last forever". But, there are those who deem it necessary to stay for eternity. Mere words will not change people's mind; attitudes. It is the continued forward movement to, and into His Kingdom that will be rewarding for those who do not despair but trust. Confess and repent when we are wrong; stand tall and move forward for righteousness, do not jump to conclusions on the merit of one side, and always trust the Ruach HaKodesh.Delete Comment

Short words for tall faith.

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Comment by zalie Elizabeth Guthrie on June 12, 2010 at 10:52pm
Hey Hilma Im sharing this for you as well as for me alot of things have been going on and around me since my baptizim and sometimes I think I give up -this is something I think a brother that I love dearly shared with me this evening because of that feeling at times I get, like sometimes whats the use LOL, Thank you brother for reminding me how great Yah is and how cleverand exsaperating the enemy can be at times to get what he wants me far from doing what we have been called to do . Yah bless you all, Shalom Liz


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