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I heard a Rabbi speak and say the wise men were Pagan Medes from the tribe of Magi taught by Daniel. Has Trimm Blog

on this subject? My research shows that the word Magi did come from the Medes and they had 5 tribes one called Magi.

The word meaning magician or mysticism. The timeline many countries and languages had picked up this word as many

words have been borrowed around the world. Tradition says that Daniel at 100 years old was alive 3 years after Cyrus

came into power. Jewish writings substantiate that much of the Babylonian Talmud and Jewish writings were written

during Daniel time period. I have a problem wrapping my brain around that it is was pagan believers figuring anything out

about the scriptures or having any interest in who those who Judaism thought or might be the messiah through prophetic

Hebrew scriptures. While million Jews had turned their back on the God of their fathers hundreds were sincere believers

and followed the teachings of the prophets in their day. I'm sure that Daniel was at the head of the list and helped

influence the Jewish writings and the Talmud beginnings of the Mishnah and Gemara. The Encyclopedia Judaica is

influenced by these writings. We know that from 470BC to 350 BC a remnant returned under Ezra/Nehemiah history

records approximately 42,000. Those left in Babylonian is what I call the Esther Jews. Most people do not realize that

this great Babylonian Esther Jewish culture center was alive and well and had more numbers than those living in the land

of Israel at the time of Jesus birth. This was like there are more Jews in New York City than Israel today. I am of the

belief that these Magi who were so called by this Medes Persian word were like Kabbalist  and or mystic Rabbi’s in

Babylon who new the scripture and the prophecies of a coming messiah and they were called Magi a common word in

Persia who had regained control of Babylon and not under Roman control. This Magi Jewish Rabbi’s came to

Jerusalem following the prophetic star with soldiers to get Herod’s consent to enter the land since they were

foreigners.  Donna and I left Israel in a bus for Egypt. A Jeep of soldiers in front and another behind. These Rabbi’s

came to Jerusalem the same way. I contend these Magi were Jews.

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Comment by GARY ATKINSON on December 21, 2011 at 2:26pm

To further understand who theses Magi are let us look at Jewish history timelines

586-538bc there were 3 deportations carried Jews to Babylon started by Nebuchadnezzar 1 million-1/2 Jews

fled other places mostly Egypt.  A  great Jewish culture center ROSE UP headed by the prophets Daniel,

Ezekiel, Hagggai, Zechariah that led to great Jewish commentary found in the Mishnah and Gemara of the

Talmud in Babylon major and Egypt minor Talmud commentaries It was also the beginning of Jewish Rabbis.

536bc Zerubbabel, Ezra Nehemiah return with approximately 42000 Jews to Jerusalem to rebuild temple after

Cyrus Persia defeats the Babylonians and Daniel dies.  

516bc temple completed

478bc Esther becomes queen of Medo-Persia has to be close to 1.6 million left as the Jews prospered in land

like they did in Goshen at time Moses

330bc Greece Alexander the Great takes control Persian empire at least half of what I call Esther Jews scatter

to Greece cities and establish synagogues along the Mediterranean Sea and they show up at the Feast of

Pentecost the outpouring of the spirit hundreds years later.

4bc birth of Jesus and Wise Men show up from this great culture center still in Babylon having much influence

on Judaism in Israel at time Jesus as Jews studied the Babylonian Talmud and had a larger Jewish population

than the approximately 3/4 million Jews living in Israel. Today same way Jews living in Israel is less compared

to New York City and America.

The land of the East (see Genesis 29:1 and Judges 6:3) is Babylon (Iraq today), where the largest Jewish

population was at the time of the birth of Jesus. These Jews were descendants from the captivity when King

Nebuchadnezzar defeated Israel and took the Jews to Babylon to serve him. The wise men were rabbis. The

rabbis, also called sages, are known in Hebrew as chakamim, which means wise men. The word in Matthew

2:1 in Greek is magos, which is translated into English as "Magi." Magos in Greek is the Hebrew word ravmag.

Ravmag comes from the Hebrew word rav, which means "rabbi." It should also be noted that the Greek word

magos can also mean scientist, counselor, scholar, or teacher. The rabbis were scholars or teachers of the

Jewish law. Aramaic is the word megushe which means magi or chaldean astronomer. The known world at that

time followed Elohim calendar because it works which is a testimony to him. All nations had their astronomers

to determine the years, months, and days.

These Wise Men Magi is seen in the Aramaic word they were Persian Jewish Astronomers that knew the

scriptures and the coming prophecies of a messiah and were Phd’s in the knowledge of the stars. We see in

the Aramaic word megushe Magi for astronomer.

These were not Pagan Magi unknowledgeable of the Holy Scriptures and understanding of

the signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years it was Jews that were looking for a messiah.

My research shows that the word Magi did come from the Medes and they had 5 tribes one called Magi. The

word meaning magician or mysticism. The timeline many countries and languages had picked up this word and

was common in many languages by 4bc like many words have been borrowed around the world but if we

believe in Aramaic primacy than the word used was megushe maning much more than Magi. 



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