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Why do Passover and "easter" Conflict???

Connect the dots...

Why do Passover and “easter” conflict???

~ As believers in YHWH’s (God’s) word and the Messiah, we are grafted into the “Olive Tree of Israel”.

(See Romans 11:17-26 & Ephesians 2:11-13)

~ As Israelites we are commanded to eat NO LEAVEN during the Passover or you will be “cut off” from Israel! No matter if you’re a “citizen” or “foreigner”! From Generation to Generation FOREVER!

(See Exodus 12:15-20)

~ It’s important to be “grafted in” because in the End Times we will be “sealed” with the mark of the Firstborn (Israel), and we will be “Passed-over” again.

(See Exodus 4:22, 13:1, {and many other verses} Revelations 7:1-4, 9:4, 14:1-5, & 20:4)

~ We will enter into the “New Jerusalem” (Heaven) through our tribal gate (Of Israel)!

(See Revelations 21:9-14)

~ What do people do during “easter” (besides eat ham)? They eat “Hot Cross Buns” or LEAVENED CAKES! We now have been tricked into profaning HIS WORD! “Cut off from Israel”!

(See Jeremiah 7:18, 44:19, & Hosea 3:1)

~ God Hates “easter”!

-They abandon YHWH, the Elohim of their fathers, who had brought them out of the land of Egypt, and followed other gods, selected from the gods of the peoples around them, and worshiped them; this made YHWH angry.
They abandon YHWH and served Ba’al and the “ashtarot”. (EASTER) Judges 2:12-13 {Wikipedia the
word “ashtoreths as
it appears in most Bibles}

-Again the people of Israel did what was evil from YHWH’s perspective – they served the ba’alim, the ashtarot” (EASTER), the gods of Aram the
gods of Tzidon, the gods of Mo’av,
the gods of the people of Amon, and the gods of the P’lishtim. Judges

-Samuel addressed all the people of Israel; he said: “If you are returning to YHWH with all your heart, then be done with the foreign gods and “ashtarot” (EASTER) that you have with you, direct
your hearts to YHWH. If you will serve only Him, He will rescue you from the
power of the P’lishtim. 1st Samuel 7:3

-But they cried to YHWH and said, ‘We sinned by abandoning YHWH and serving the ba’alim and “ashtarot” (EASTER) but now if you rescue us from the power of our enemies, we will serve You. 1st Samuel 12:10

-For Solomon followed “ashtarot” (EASTER) the goddess of the Tzidoni and Milkom the abomination of
the Amoni. Thus Solomon {i style="">insert your
name here} did what was evil in YHVH’s view and did not fully follow YHWH,
as his father had done. 1st
Kings 11:5-6

~ Yeshua was resurrected on first fruits!
1st Corinthians 15:19-21

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