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Witnessing Media For Our New Covenant Brethren

Shalom Mishpocha,

When I started my walk a year ago around this time, I noticed there was not any sort of beginners guide for people who came into the Truth of Torah.  I have been collecting media for over a year as well from many famous Torah teachers who are believers in Yeshua, and many of which are featured on the Nazarene Radio Network (  But the thing I found that was missing early in my walk in November and December of last year is I did not know the terms, I did not know just how seperated we were from Christianity in terms of holidays, festivals, practices etc, that I wished that there were a witnessing series that laid it all out in easy to understand language. 

I found some things people had sent my way, and I took issue with some of the teaching techniques, and some who did not even use the name Yeshua, I do not find the name Yeshua and Jesus to be interchangeable.  

So here recently, last week, I took a whole day before Schtix and Stones and I recorded a witnessing series for our new covenant brethren to listen to, something that people could share on facebook, burn to a CD and hand out to their friends whom are in Christiandom, and it is jam packed with Scripture and history. 

But here is the audio and I would ask that you pass it around to your Christian friends on Facebook and other social networks or in emails, and like I said, I own the intellectual property of these recordings and as far as I am concerned it is public domain so please send this to to your Christian friends in any way you seem fit.  The entire list of the Witnessing series can be found at as well as PDF books and videos that are also effective in sharing Torah with the Christian believer. Below are are audio files in MP3 feel free to download them and do with them as you wish.

Part 1: Is the Torah For Christians?

Part 2: The Traditions of the Church vs The Scriptures

Part 3: Christian, Catholic and Islamic Family Ties


Enjoy, Shalom Shalom

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