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Xmess means a time when extra police duty is required to handle the wrecks, drunks, revelry, etc.

Xmess means a time when most people ignore and forget the Word of Elohim and follow the traditions of men instead, trying to put Messiah in a Pagan "holy day" falsely called Messiah's birthday.

Xmess means a time when most people yoke Messiah (who said "I am the TRUTH")... with lies, fairy tales and Pagan religion.

Xmess means a time when most parents lie to their children about Santa Claus and commercial establishments hire a "Santa" to lie to children all day long... all to celebrate the supposed birthday of the one who said "I am the TRUTH."

Xmess means a time when the whole world claims to love Messiah but Messiah said the whole world hates him (Jn. 7:7) thus the world calls him a liar.

Xmess means a time when the carnal believer and the Messiah rejector join in "sweet" accord in the high carnival of the year.

Xmess means a time when Messiah is supposed to be offered annually for the sins of the people (Christ-Mass is Latin for "Christ Offering") in direct conflict with scripture which says that Messiah is not offered annually (Heb. 10:1-3).

Xmess means a time when Torah observant believers are considered narrow minded, ignorant, and cracked-pots for not taking part, "after all", they say, "wasn't this Messiah's birthday?"

Xmess means a time when many Christians think it's time to read about the birth of Messiah, falsely called "the Christmas story" while others think it is a good time to get drunk and have a good time.

X- Mess means A Fight in a Kentucky Mall

X-Mess means Brutal Fights in Malls Across America

X-Mess means People fight with Children over a Vegie Steamer

X-Mess means a time of the ringing of cash registers by the merchants, the singing of once a year Christmas carols about Christ and Santa Claus and the contagious spirit of excitement is in the air. Revelry is upon the world. Who would dare resist? Answer: All Torah observant believers! (Rom. 12:2).

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