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At there are some very good articles that are a must read.


I have not read all of the stuff that they have posted but what I have read so far seems to be the good stuff .

Like I said at this moment I can not vouch for everything that they have wrote at this time but I do personally (HIGHLY) recommend reading the following articles:

"The Preexistence Messiah",

"A-D-N-I in Psalms 110:1",

"Why not eat from the Tree of Life?",
"Why Yahu Yahweh became Flesh",
"The Yahu Covenant",

"The Torah",



I have read these and they are a must read for every believer to help in understanding the Covenant of Faith.

Everything that they have posted can be downloaded in PDF form and passed on to anyone at any time with the full blessings of the publishers. Remember the faster this stuff gets out there the faster it can begin to take effect on the general populous.

Your brother in Yahu-Shuah (pronounced: “yah-who-SHOE-ah”)

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