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"The difference here [2010] and 1994 is that you've got me!"

That is what Congressman Marion Berry (D-Arkansas) told the media that President Obama said to the Democratic leadership, then Berry promptly announced his resignation from the Congress. And that was before Obama's dreadful State of the Union speech this week. Now all the Democrats are bailing on the president.

In the 70 minute speech the president referenced himself over 100 times and blamed everyone, from President Bush to the Supreme Court, for his failures in his first year as president of the United States. He was mad at America and it came through. However America is mad at him and a slight glimmer of that realization coming through is the White House's decision to not try the 9-11 terrorists in New York City.

We live in bad times here in America and we shot ourselves in the foot by electing an unexperienced one-worlder and his one-world party into power under the Satanic spell of "Hope and Change." Let's pray we can turn this around like Ninavah did in the Book of Jonah or else we are the generation that will go down as the destroyers of the world's last greatest hope -- America

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