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At 7:21pm on November 20, 2010, Jim Wright said…
Hi Hebrew Seeker -

Thankyou for the words of encouragment - I don't get much of that, much more butting heads with with 'workers of iniquity'.

It is nice to hear from a friendly person.

And thanks for the friend invite - I don't get many of those either, I accept them all and I never send one out because I generally don't feel very welcome, I hate to put people on the spot.

Thankyou and Many Blessings -

At 10:42pm on November 20, 2010, Jim Wright said…
Hi Hebrew Seeker -

I don't butt heads with The Messianic Jewish folks much, it is the Sunday keepers I do most my battleing with (in the Exodus2006 Yahoo Group mostly).

And I don't think I qualify as a "Messianic", I recieved The Holy Spirit thru The Churches of God.

And I wasn't raised up Jewish at all - my family history is Scottish and Scotch-Irish.

But in researching my family history it does seem to all lead back to Jewish folks who became "lost" thousands of years ago.

Have you ever read this booklet?:

It was trying to prove these things wrong that led me to repentance, I read the Bible through twice and spent a year in the library trying to prove it wrong and finally I had to admit I had everything wrong.

I have been putting out a challenge for over 20 years for anyone to show error or falsehood and no one has succeeded yet ;-)

I highly reccomend it.

And I forgot to mention that Andy has not been able to update the Exodus2006 site in awhile - I have been posting Fab's Codes on my website:

Many Blessings -

At 1:29am on December 24, 2010, James "Ya'acov" Cramer said…
Shalom Sister; I don't get on this site often anymore but was very intrigued by this statement...About me:
Called by Yahuah to follow Torah. He does not take "no" for an answer. His Spirit has led me to a belief in the two-house restoration of Israel and I await His call into the wilderness. I am looking to fellowship with other like-minded believers. Seeking friendships, fellowship and relationship possibly leading to marriage. Is there a gentle caring man out there with a beard and tzit tzit who is seeking his match? ; )

It is not often I find someone who uses The Name "Yahuah"; which I believe is the truest form we have.

I have been a believer since the late 60's when I first read The KJV for myself. Being in the military at the time and seeing the perversion of the chaplain recommending all us young men to take a condom to town, I decided to rely solely upon the Spirit/Ruach of Abba YAH to guide me in my studies.

I admit; it has been a constant growing process. But Abba Yahuah has led me out of Babylon and into HIS Truth.

Trouble is; it is a very lonely existence, especially here in rural Michigan. But therein also lies the blessing, as I am able to host a Shemoth 12 Pesach without having to worry about judgement from non-believers. In fact; I feel doubly blessed, as I live very close to the Amish and am able to barter for produce and eggs which are not raised chemically. I raise my own sheep for Pesach, so I know they are "clean" chemically, and have not been altered or made less then whole.

Ayhow: I just wanted to say Shalom and may Abba YAH bless you Sister.

At 1:30am on January 7, 2011, Jim Wright said…
Hi Hebrew Seeker -
Hope you have been well and got through the pagan days without much aggravation.
Please send me a copy of your paper on The Two House Restoration when you complete it.
Thanks -
At 10:02pm on April 20, 2019, James Trimm said…

Happy Passover!

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