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At 12:33pm on March 21, 2018, Jake Wilson said…

Dear James,

I have purchased the HRV the other day, and it's by far the best Bible I've ever had. Thank you for all the work you have put into it - amazing.

One question: Nehemia Gordon (& Michael Rood) presented a Hebrew manuscript, I think it's one of the Shem-Tovs, showing "avi" in MATTHEW 1:16 (thus showing Joseph to be Mary's father). Can you confirm this? 

I studied a few things from Nehemia Gordon which I found really good, especially that MATT 5:34 says "swear not falsely" (which is indeed in the Hebrew), or his comment regarding the takanot in MATT 23:3, according to which it is "omer" in Hebrew, i.e., "he says" (Moses), and not "they say" (the Pharisees). So, that seems to be correct - though I am not a scholar.

Anyway, if you could give me your view on "avi" in MATTHEW 1:16 - many thanks!

Shalom, Jake

At 5:08am on June 10, 2018, Jake Wilson said…

Dear James, 

Thank you very much for accepting me as a friend. 

You may have followed my debate with Will about tongues, and my tone was definitely not right in the end (well, I apologized to Will, and he accepted it - no hard feelings).

Over the last years I have dropped my beliefs in "Sunday worship", "the trinity", "British-Israel (replacement of the entire 10 Tribes by Britain & USA), and others bits which I had been taught for some 25 years - often, my visits to Israel were the reason for questioning my views and seeking truth.

I have read your B'sorot Matti (DuTillet), B'sorah HaEv'rim, plus Schonfield's "An Old Hebrew Text of St. Matthew's Gospel",  and there is no doubt that Matthew was written in Hebrew originally (though I am not a scholar like you). 

This is just to assure you that I didn't mean to attack or judge you, for example, when asking whether you speak in tongues (which I would still like to know to be honest :-). I only think that people on Nazarene space should try to work together, exchange their views, and learn from each other (or simply accept their different opinions) - no-one can know everything after all. 

In a way, I can't understand that someone who does such a brilliant job, who has published so many books, Bibles, etc., - that someone like you seems to be in constant financial difficulty (or maybe it just confirms that the world rejects truth and thus you are not very popular). 

On another note, if you have any teaching on "hell" please let me know. I cannot see how one can explain away Yeshua's severe warnings about this awful place, but I am open for correction. 

Shavua Tov. 


At 9:16am on June 10, 2018, Jake Wilson said…

Dear James, 

You may receive suggestions for the new HRV left, right and centre, however, if I may briefly point out two doubtful passages:

1. The Shem Tob Version held by the National Library in Jerusalem has “yosef avi miriam” in MATTAI 1:16 (see photo below). This alternate reading clarifies all the difficulties with Yeshua’s genealogies, and proves Him to be a direct descendant of King David:

a. “Yosef avi miriam” shows that Miriam is of Davidic descent, and because she had no brothers and married within her own tribe, the ancestral line can go through her (not through the paternal side as usual; see BEMIDBAR 27:8 and 36:6-7).

b. It shows that Ya’akov’s son Yosef (MATTAI 1:16) and Heli’s son Yosef (LUKAS 3:23) are two different persons. Though the latter is indeed Miriam’s husband and of Davidic descent, the Jews don’t accept a “step-fatherhood” as a legitimate continuation of David’s line.

In summary: Contrary to widespread opinion, MATTAI shows Miriam’s lineage; Yeshua is the “Son of David” through her. LUKAS, on the other hand, shows Yosef’s lineage; he is from the same tribe as Miriam – from Judah.

2. “By a confirming word” in MATTAI 5:34 reads in Shem Tob “in vain” (לשוא – lashav’), just like in SHEMOT 20:7.

Yeshua didn’t teach contrary to the Torah saying “You shall not swear at all”, but He taught not to swear in vain or falsely – just like the Torah says.

You shall not swear falsely, neither by the name of YHWH nor by heaven, earth, Yerushalayim, or anything else – that was Yeshua’s message (because the Pharisees thought that if they swear not by the name of YHWH but by something else, then they can circumvent the commandment and swear falsely).

This fully agrees with the Gospel of the Hebrews where Ya’akov swears not to eat any bread until he has seen the risen Yeshua (Ya’akov didn’t disobey Yeshua’s teaching, but obeyed the Torah as confirmed by Yeshua).

It’d be great if these points could be considered and somehow incorporated in the new HRV.



At 8:17pm on April 1, 2019, Lawrence Zupan said…

Hi James

i hope this is a private communication because it is meant as such.

if not please delete after reading.

first of all thank you for the teachings.

i must respectfully suggest that in describing your wife’s condition, as serious as it is, that you abstain from describing her septic shock as “a condition from which she may never recover.” While purporting to be a clear description of her dilemma, I believe it to be a a negative confession painful to hear which ought to be studiously avoided.

Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended and forgive if you find it intrusive or inappropriate.

Thanks again for all you do!


Lawrence Zupan

At 12:08pm on May 22, 2019, Darrell K. Whitfield said…
Is there verification in Dead Sea Scrolls or Samaritan Torah Scrolls of the 134 places the Sephorim removed the Name YHUH in the Masoretic text ?

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