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Liberal bloggers blaim Palin and Tea Party for Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords:

But shooter was "left wing, quite liberal" fan of Communist Manifesto and Mein Kompf:

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I suspect most criminals are left wing / liberal, actually...
Typical. I've long believed Charlie Manson to be the natural end-result of the hippie lifestyle.
The National Socialists were incidentally a movement that grew out of health-obsessed, collectivistic, nature-loving, anti-smoking 19th century equivalents of nationalistic green movements (source: "Liberal Fascism", Jonah Goldberg).
Now, clearly the Nazis had more discipline than most of the other socialists and moonbats, not that it did much good, but they are still correctly classified as a nationalistic Germanic, anti-capitalist, collectivist offshoot of that very same system that sprung up in Babel, and migrated in various shapes to Moscow, Cuba, Bakersfield...

Ronnie James said:

The floyd reports did more than the MSM on the Az shooter:

The Arizona Shooting: The Last Assassination of the ’60s

Jared Lee Loughner was Steven Hyde from That ’70s Show without the laugh track.

"According to those who knew him, Loughner imbibed this ideology from his parents, who had an aversion to discipline. The Independent quotes an acquaintance:

“His parents were very laid-back, like hippies,” said Jesse Martinez, 17. “They were live-and-let-live people, but not exactly in a good way, and so he grew up doing more or less what he liked.”

"The permissive culture, anything-goes lifestyle, and glowing media coverage of a sick era are surely more responsible for Saturday’s tragedy than anything Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann have ever said or done. The greatest tragedy is that no one in Jared Lee Loughner’s life introduced him to their values or their G-d." [sic]














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