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If Adam and Chavah not Fallen, Would they Have Had Children?

"For indeed, if Adam had brought offspring with him out of the Garden of Eden, these would never have been destroyed, ... and all would have lived for ever; and not even the angels would have equalled them in illumination and wisdom, as we read, 'In the image of God he created him' (Gen. 1:27). But since, through his sin, he left the Garden by himself and bore offspring outside it, these did not endure in the world, and this ideal was, therefore, not realised.’ Said R. Hizkiah: ‘How could they have begotten children there, seeing that, had the evil inclination [YETZER RA] not enticed him to sin, Adam would have dwelt for ever in the world by himself and would not have begotten children?"

(Zohar 1:60a-61a)

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Had they not eaten from the forbidden tree, they would have no clue how to produce any children. The fall was part of a divine plan. No one forced God into a new plan, or plan B.
The Creator( h'BORAH) Built to specs by his voice all. And, included in this are functional system of all parts. Beresht Bet.1.28

Shalom James, I sort of agree with Sean in that it was according to Elohim's PLAN that they had to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  In doing so, they BECAME like Elohim, to KNOW good and evil (Gen 3:22), and BEFORE one can CHOOSE to do the good, and reject the evil, one must become like Elohim, to know good and evil.  Before they sinned, they had NO knowledge of good or evil, but they were corrupt, dishonoured, weak, and sensual (1 Cor 15:42-44), because they were created FLESH/CARNAL (Gen 2:23, Rom 7:14) which consigned or shut them up to be disobedient (Rom 11:32).  They had NO choice but to sin, and that followed Elohim's PLAN exactly how He wanted, so it would have been impossible for them NOT to have sinned, thus, I think that would make the question invalid.  Blessings in The Name, ImAHebrew.   

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