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islam in Bible Prophecy/Messianic Israel will fly to U.S.A?

Would anyone be so foolish as to deny that islam is our enemy?

islamic war on Christians:

However, these attacks should come as no surprise. My opinion at this time is that islam is the 2 horned beast of Revelation 13:11. The 2 horns represent sunni and shi'ite muslims. They are the 2 powers of islam, much like democrats and republicans are in the U.S. I used to think that the 2 horned beast was U.S.A., but I have since changed my mind in light of the current evidence that shows islam is making war on us, not U.S.A. Although U.S.A. is an evil nation, it does have enough Christians to prevent it from being the beast at this time. I am also thinking that the U.S. might be the nation to which the people of Messianic Israel will fly to in Rev. 12. The wings of the eagle are the symbol of U.S.A. They will literally fly on the wings of an eagle(U.S. airplanes). The U.S. has also been a place of refuge for jews and Christians since the 1500's.

 Walid Shoebat shows how islamic prophecy and the islamic messiah are direct opposites of the Bible:

Although Walid is not a Messianic, he does have inside knowledge of islam and this is what enabled him to understand islam's role in Bible prophecy.

muslim warriors also wear "bismallah"(in the name of allah) on their forehead and right wrist. "bismallah" is Arabic, but the letters also have meaning in the Greek as well. "bismallah" in Greek means "666". In other words, if a Greek person saw "bismallah", they would read it in Greek as "666". Arabic persons are shocked when they read the "666" in Greek. To them it is "bismallah". This should not be surprising to us, because 666 is islam's most holy number. They are not shy about it, they openly declare that 666 is the most sacred number of allah. They also kill their enemies by beheading. Beheading is the specific punishment called for in the quran and is also the way the martyrs will be killed in Rev. 20:4.

the quran states that islam is "a beast of the earth"(remember Rev. 13:11), allah is not YHWH:


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"Would anyone be so foolish as to deny that islam is our enemy?"


that question is foolish enough. it doesn't earn the merit to be denied a little.

don't start another war neither put Israel to another peril. mutual respect is the way to peace.

G-d probably has made use of islam to save monotheism when the Roman church was at the peak of its dominion in the world and while Judaism was at the bottom: serving our messianic sentence.

islam preserved monotheism against the roman paganism.

the Church (capital "C") preserved the gospel of Messhiah.

Judaism has awakened after serving the sentence of reclusion perpetua. to present Torah to the world.


today we have a different world.


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