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1 Paul, an emissary; not from the sons of men, and not by the hand of a son of man, but
by the hand of Yeshua the Messiah, and Eloah His Father, who raised Him from among
the dead,
2 And all the brothers that are with me, to the assemblies that are in Galatia:
3 Favor and shalom be with you, from Eloah the Father and from our Adon Yeshua, the
4 Who gave His nefesh for our sins, that He might deliver us from this evil world
according to the will of Eloah the Father;
5 To Him be the glory forever and ever, Amen.
(Gal. 1:1-5 HRV)

Who were the Galatians?  They were a colony of Gauls.  Gauls had migrated from an area just north of the Assyrian Empire across Europe to the area we know today as France.  The HRV appendix map 1 shows the Ancient WOrld as known to the Hebrews.  You will see the land we know today as France was Gaul.  These Gauls were also known as Celts... they migrated across the English channel into the Brittish isles... thus the Celts spoke "Gealic".  According to Obadiah 1:20 the House of Israel would migrate to a place called Tzarfat... this is the Hebrew word for "France" in fact Rashi's commentary on Obadiah 1:20 says that this refers to France.  These "Gauls" were GAL-aeens who had been exiled by the Assyrians to the land north of Assyria,  As they passed through the area known now as Turkey they created a colony there called GAL-atia.  If one compares the openning of James and 1Kefa there is an obvious parallel.  One will notice that "the twelve tribes scattered among the nations" in James is said in 1Kefa to include "Galatia".

So this letter is addressed to a group of Gauls, of lost sheep of the House of Israel.

Ok I will post more later as we go line by line through Galatians.

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