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Supporting the modern state of Israel ?


Orthodox jews are Zionist but there are two groups in ultra orthodox jewish community today: anti Zionist group and chardal religious Zionism.

Ultra religious do not recognize the legitimacy of the State of Israel because is not a Torah state but a pagan state. The anti Zionist religious fight the state while chardalim participate to the democratic electoral
proceeding trying to access to political power to create a religious State. Others
like chabad are neutral.

Which should be the position of nazarenes about the anti Torah modern state of Israel?

Religious Zionism like chardalim and modern orthodox?

Neutral anti Zionism like chabad?

Total anti Zionism like satmar?

Any clue in Tanakh and ketuvin netzarim?

A ruling from the bet din?

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Our sect was founded by Mashiach and His teaching are recorded in the ketuvim netzarim. So our sect was founded by this book like the lubavitch sect was founded by the sefer hatanya.

Yes Mashiach Ben David will be political but are we to be political today since Mashiach Ben Yosef was not?

I am not against the modern state of Israel, i am just surching for nazarene halakhah.

Some verses for Christian :
He considered the government as pagan and corrupt and the Temple as defiled Matt 21 :12-13 and Matt 22 :29-32, but he never ceased to support the Temple attendance Matt 5 :23-24, Matt 8 :4 and Acts 2 :46 and the Sanhedrin authority Matth 5 :22.
He never tried to change the government Matt 22 :21, only to teach Torah to the people Matt 28 :12.

We are to pray for Israel Rom 10:1.

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