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Who do you think is Babylon in the Book of Revelation?

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Babylon is the representation of the religion they worshiped Semiramis = Isis, Horus= Nimrod and Tammuz = Baal/Bel/ Lord the trinity and Sun worship. Cush marries Semiramis and begets Nimrod. Cush dies and Semiramis marries her son Nimrod, but Nimrod gets killed and is deify to a God by Semiramis to the Sun God. Semiramis then has a miracle baby from the dead Nimrod and name him Tammuz/Baal/Bel/Lord. This religion has passed down the centuries to other leading POWERS who adopted its religion which the ROME EMPIRE did. Present day Babylon is The Roman Catholic Church/ Holy See/Jesuit Order - Ignatius of Loyola "The Illuminati" Enlightened Ones/ Who infiltrated Freemasony and took it over through Adam Weishaupt 

The Vatican rules both through Jesuits, including the Protestants, as the Whore Woman in scarlet that rides this Beast that the children of Revelation 12:15-17 describes fight against.

Since Christianity adheres to most of the RCC's mandates, (sun-day sabbath, JC promotion, etc)  apparently mystery Babylon is all of Christendom! 


All who substitute Sunday for the Sabbath at the least. The Roman Catholic Church is but the Mother of Harlots. All the harlot daughters who set apart Sunday also are part of it.

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