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Since YHWH already knows anything we might tell him, and already knows what we want and need, why does He want us to pray? 

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To admit our need and acknowledge El Shaddai's (the many-breasted one of Genesis 49:25) sufficiency to supply our need. We go to God for wisdom and for guidance, to praise Him and to find joy in Him. We pray in order to have a relationship with Him. As earthly mothers and fathers, we know what our children need. But how would we feel if they never spoke to us?

Part of the reason I pray is to remind myself of our father in heaven.  It keeps me on track and honed to him.  One of our needs He knows is a need to interact with Him.

David in Psalm 141:2 gave a great example of what prayer is when he said.." Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice". This a clear example that prayer is liken to blood atonement whereby we draw near "KORBAN" to YHWH. It is often said that before someone could sincerely offer a sacrifice in temple times they would need to offer up prayers of repentance FIRST, since YHWH searches the heart first of the sinner and with an unrepentant heart that blood atonement sacrifice would not be accepted by YHWH

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The simple answer is that humans are social beings that need to communicate.

But to whom do we pray?


We pray to the Father;

Communicate with the Son; and

Integrate with the Mother (RH).

All of these has different functions at specific times.

You have not answered the question, why do we pray, to say because we are social totally misses the point.

Since YHWH already knows anything we might say and already knows our wants and needs... since we cannot tell Him anything He does not already know, we may conclude that prayer is for our benefit not His.

As James is saying, we pray for our benefit... to confess (unload), plead, praise, as a sacrifice, etc.

Humans are made to interact with the GODHEAD. If you don't, you gravitate into idolatry. But interact with something Supernal, whether real or imaginary, you will.     

Rabbi, don't you think God derives joy from sharing His love with us and teaching us? From the viewpoint of teacer, answer this question, please: Why do you teach us? Why do you ask us questions that make us think?
Prayer is more than what we ask for from Him; it is also confession, and a declaration of His glory.

Prayer to God is our way of seeking Him out to be in our lives; He is as blessed by us going to Him with our needs, wants, and prayers in general as we are blessed when He bestows His blessings upon us.  As a believer, I recognize all that is good is from Him and the praise goes to Him.

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