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The so-called floating "Lunar Sabbath" is a recent invention. There
is no evidence that anyone ever followed it until recent times. To the
contrary the historical evidence PROVES that the ancient Hebrews
(Including Yeshua himself) kept the Seventh day of the week
("Saturday") and not a so-called floating "Lunar Sabbath".

The following information was obtained from, "The Anchor Bible
Dictionary" Vol. 5; Pg. 853f.

Evidence #1. "Sennacherib's [the Assyrian leader] letter written on
his Judean campaign in 701 b.c. refers to his capture of Lachish on
Hezekiah's "seventh time" (ina 7-šu, lit. "in his 7th (time)," Na'aman
1974:26). Shea (1988:178) has suggested that Hezekiah's "seventh time"
refers to the sabbath, the day when its defenders rested and the
Assyrians captured Lachish".

Evidence #2. "The publication of the Chronicles of the Babylonian
Kings by Wiseman in 1956 provided the date for the capture of
Jerusalem "on the second day of the month of Adar" (Wiseman
1956:72–73), i.e., March 16, 597. The day was a sabbath (Johns

Evidence #3. "[T]he day for the first assault against Jerusalem on
January 15, 588, is again a sabbath, based on the synchronism of the
biblical date (2 Kgs 25:1; Jer 52:4; Ezek 24:1–2) with the Babylonian

Evidence #4. "Again the fall of Jerusalem on the 9th day of the 4th
month of Zedekiah's 11th year (Jer 52:5–8) is calculated to fall on a
sabbath (Johns 1963:485)".

Evidence #5. "This strategy was again used later by the Seleucids at
the beginning of the Maccabean period when Jews were attacked on the
sabbath but refused to resist on this day (Josephus Ant 12.6.2; 1 Macc

It is also stated, "Based on these calculations, it appears that the
military strategy of the Assyrians and Neo-Babylonians utilized the
seventh-day Sabbath rest of the Israelites to accomplish their
military-political goals". Logic would dictate that the Israelites
were most vulnerable on their day of rest, especially since one of the
halakas of the time taught that one could not fight on the Sabbath
(see Jubilees 50:13).

Importantly, note that in Evidences #2 and #4 the Sabbath falls on the
second and ninth days (respectively) of their respective months,
contradicting a Babylonian-style lunar-shappatu system (or a system
that goes 1-8-15-22-29).

In Evidence #3, the Sabbath falls on the tenth day of the tenth month
indicating there was no synchronization of the weekly Sabbath with the
lunar cycle in this time period. Not only do the days of the attacks
calculate to be on the weekly Sabbath, but they also do not correspond
to the necessary lunar days to substantiate a Lunar-Sabbath theory.

To my knowledge, the Babylonians used a crescent New Moon method for
determining the beginning of the month (it was some time after the
Exile that the Babylonians learned how to calculate the conjunction).

Concerning Evidence #5 The Anchor Bible Dictionary also states, "In
Jub. 50:13 fighting is still prohibited on the sabbath. Ptolomy I
Soter (323–283/82 b.c.) took Jerusalem on a sabbath unopposed and
ruled it harshly (Joseph. Ant 12.1.1). Apollonius, a commander of an
army corps of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, in 168 b.c. "waited until the
holy sabbath day" to "rush into the city with his armed men and killed
great numbers of people" (2 Macc 5:25–26), because Jews did not fight
on the sabbath. Sabbath attacks continued (1 Macc 2:38), and
Mattathias and his followers decided that they needed to defend
themselves on the sabbath (vv 39–41) in order to avoid
annihilation. According to Josephus this practice continued (Ant
12.6.2). By the time the Romans engaged in war against the Jews, the
latter would even attack viciously on sabbath (Joseph. JW 2.17.10; 18.1)".

We know from the Scriptures that the Messiah and his Emissaries not
only frequented the Synagogue on the Sabbath, but that it was
Messiah's (Luke 4:16) and Paul's (Acts 17:2) practice to go to the
Synagogue on the Sabbath (the same Sabbath the other Jews kept).
Surveying the numerous issues Paul and Messiah had with the halacha of
the time (especially the issue of proper Sabbath observance in the
Gospels) the issue of *when* to keep the Sabbath is never broached;
instead it was their practice to assemble on the same day as their
fellow Jews.

These historical records indicate that Sabbath observance was kept by
many Israelites, both pre-Exilicly and post-Exilicly, on a repeating 7
day cycle on the day we call Saturday.

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Hillel became Nasi 100 years before the destruction of the Temple (b.Shabbat 15a) which is right at 30 BCE.

Wow.  I didn't realize that Johnathan David Brown was the creator of the whole lunar sabbath idea.  I actually know him, and he came to our group a few times, here in Missouri.  It didn't take long, though, before we all realized that he was not of the same mindset as the rest of us.  It's just kind of troubling that he wanted to be a part of our "messianic jewish" group.  

Most of my group did end up following with the lunar sabbath routine, though, but not because of Brown's teachings.

 When I researched the lunar sabbath, I spent months and months on it, trying to find the Truth.  Because of a few pertinent ancient documents that are used to "prove" the validity, it really was very confusing.  What really sent up red flags for me was the fact that there is a babylonian calendar that is engraved in stone (found by archeologists), that has the exact lunar calendar recorded that was used in their culture.  It seems that the lunar calendar's ancient origins were with the babylonians.  And, aren't we supposed to "come out of Babylon"?  

There is so much evidence against it, that I'm really very confident that it is bogus.  Another important clue is that the sun and moon were created on the fourth day.  Wouldn't the Father set the pattern for the correct Sabbath during the creation week?  The lunar sabbath conflicts with Scripture.

In studying ancient calendars, though, I'm intrigued by the possibility that the calendar that was described in the books of Enoch and Jubilees may explain why the Sabbath fell on specific dates consistently.  It's a theory in my mind currently, but with the start of the new year at the vernal equinox (actually, I think, beginning on the first Wednesday after the vernal equinox), and with each month having set days - it would explain the consistent Sabbath dates.

It also occurs to me that the solar system, along with everything else, may have become corrupted.  Maybe the months were perfect and consistent in days and years back in ancient times.  This would have resulted in consistent Sabbath dates.  Something to think on, or better yet - research!

James Trimm said:

BTW the "Lunar Sabbath" theory was an anti-Semitic invention by a known anti-Semite named Jonathan David Brown.

In 1992, Brown was sentenced to a 27-month federal prison term and fined $10,000 for accessory after the fact to a conspiracy to violate civil rights under 18 U.S.C. 3 and 241 (two of the hate crime laws in the United States), and for perjury under 18 U.S.C. 1623a. The court established that Brown helped Damion Patton, described by Nashville police as a juvenile "skinhead", and Leonard William Armstrong, the Grand Dragon of the Tennessee White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan hide from authorities and disguise their car after Patton and Armstrong carried out a pre-dawn drive-by shooting of a synagogue in Nashville, Tennesee on June 10, 1990.

The court case revealed that in the evening of June 9, 1990, Brown attended a meeting of white supremacists known for their hatred of Jewish people. Patton and Armstrong were there as well. At 1:00 a.m. on June 10, Patton drove past the West End Synagogue in Nashville and Armstrong fired several shots through its windows with a TEC-9 assault pistol, injuring none as the building was unoccupied. On June 15, Brown's apartment was searched under warrant, with police looking for Patton. There, they seized articles belonging to Brown which indicated his membership in the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups. In the days following the shooting incident, Brown helped Patton evade authorities by lying to police regarding Patton's whereabouts, by hiding him at his farm in Pleasantville, and by helping Patton change the color of his car from white to black with spray paint. Brown gave Patton a license plate from one of his trucks and supplied Patton with enough money to drive to Las Vegas and stay there. Some five months later, Brown allowed Patton to live again on his farm for a month. In September 1991, the FBI arrested Patton who plead guilty to his part in the synagogue shooting.

In front of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in 1994, Brown sought to overturn his convictions based on his contention that the synagogue was owned by a corporation and not by citizens, and thus could not be covered by 42 U.S.C. Sec. 1982 (1988) which he argued applied solely to the property rights of citizens.[1] Brown challenged as unwarranted the seizure of his personal property.[9] The three-judge court upheld the convictions on March 21, 1995,

Jonathan David Brown was the first sabbath keeper in this century (actually ever) to begin the practice of counting the Sabbath from the New Moon day rather than using the modern seven day week. He published the book Keeping Yahweh's Appointments in 1993,[3] which explained the practice. The Lunar Sabbath movement has grown among the Messianic, Armstrong/Church of God and Christian Identity movements.













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