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I am new here but I would like discuss the 364 day calendar. On the surface it seems impractical as a calendar, but maybe not as crazy as it first appears?

Is discussing this topic OK?



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in the alternate calendar debate group, anything can be discussed according to the rules =).


Just so you know, Phil, the 364 calendar is the true calendar of Yahuwah.  I have overabundant sufficient evidence for this.  if you would like to know more, please send me a message, and we can correspond =).


Well the 364 day calendar alone is not very interesting, but it does mean that it fits neatly into a 7-day week. The other puzzle is that it clearly seems it had no intercalation so it ran through the seasons, but in Enoch this is explained. The Otot cycle to which it belongs seems quite long and has 6 rather than 7Jubilees, but then it does fit into the Priestly cycle. 

To me these people were very serious observers and also clever mathematicians, simply unexplainable.


I believe the 364 days before and after flood are the true calendar.


number 1 is impossible.  every ancint calendar and moern one has a system to catch up by a process cald intercalation.


as to number 5, it is also mostly impossible, as the Essene sect came to into existence only after Messiah died, but the writings which argued for the enoch calendar came well before Messiah.

This calendar was functional.  the author wanted it to work, and they surely could not have been ignorant of the true solar year being 365.25.  This calendar was believed to be revealed by God, so the year being 364 is clearly intended to preserve the divisibility of it by seven, making the feasts on the same day of hte week every year.  any system of intercalation that the Essenes would accept would have to make the leap year still be divisible by seven, otherwise it defeats the entire calendar system.  i m convinced that the Book of Enoch and that document i quoted from the DSS allow for and describe a basis of intercalation.


I ahve shared this idea with a couple others.  One told me he thinks that while that would work, he thinks it is contradictory to the Book ofEnoch and Book of Jubilees which he says maintain that the year must be only 364 days.

well the person i was referring to already rejects it, but there is someone else now that you mention it who yeah he's going to have to deal with that fact, lol.


Shalom thanks for the thoughts

Attached is a pdf file of the Zadok priestly rotation cycles retained at Qumran based on the 360 day yearly cycle














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