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I want to share with you all a dream I had in the 1980’s not long after I had become a believer in Messiah (I was around 18 years old). I recorded it in a journal I was keeping at the time:

In my dream I was rebuilding the ruins of an ancient stone alter.
As I finished rebuilding this alter, it shined with a great light so bright that I
could not look directly at it, brighter than the sun. I turned around
and saw several shafts of blue light shining down out of heaven. It was
shear beauty like I had never seen. Behind me was the Messianic
Synagogue I was attending at the time. I ran inside to tell all of my
friends in the synagogue about what I had seen, but most of them seemed
disinterested, and only a few were willing to come outside and see what I
had seen.

Well I had no idea then how completely this dream would one day be fulfilled. Looking back, I know now that the ancient stone alter in ruins was Nazarene Judaism, and “rebuilding” it represented the work of restoration.

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How was the altar built?
By joining unhewn stones together, or...?
Did it have horns?

Would you say it was an incense altar or burnt sacrifice altar?













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