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Mind of the Divine

Started by Jason Randolph Miller Jun 18, 2011. 0 Replies

He is calling us to listen, follow, and obeyHe is calling us to love one another as he so loved usDespite the minor insignificant differences betwixt usWhen he speaks to our hearts he is calling us to listenA call to find faith in factRather than…Continue


Started by James Trimm Apr 22, 2011. 0 Replies

  DISPENSATIONALISM From Darby to Scofield,To the Seminaries to you--(The teaching that is so unfair to the Jew)And the frightening partIt is simply not true. -Author UnknownContinue


Started by James Trimm Apr 20, 2011. 0 Replies

DEVOTION From the bibles' lofty watch tower, o'er Christendom I gaze, And see much man-made worship, which doth my mind amaze. All forms of adoration, around, abroad I trace, The spirit of "devotion" prevails in every place. Devotion to a…Continue

How Odd

Started by James Trimm Apr 20, 2011. 0 Replies

 How odd of God to choose the Jews,But not so odd as those who choose,The Jewish God... but hate the Jews. -Author unknownContinue


Started by James Trimm Apr 11, 2011. 0 Replies

CHAIN LINK OF FREEDOM PRAYER L-ord can we talk, I have a friends who needs you so badly, But feels that You have left them stranded, And could care less if they swim or drown. L-rd, my friends have "unsinkable ships," Of hurts, bitterness,…Continue


Started by James Trimm Apr 11, 2011. 0 Replies

SAND PAPER FEELING Mixed emotions, Grind within the soul, Don't know if I'm coming or going, Not even sure the L-rd knows. As I look at all the feelings being scraped, Hurt; fear; anger, And many, Only the L-rd knows, I choose to believe that the…Continue

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Comment by Suzanne Utts on April 20, 2011 at 12:58am

Watchmen stand

Call out the alarm

Praying their warning

Keeps believers from harm

Trusting that the trumpet sounds

Will waken those who sleep

In hot weather or cold

The Watchmen stand and keep




Comment by Jason Randolph Miller on April 20, 2011 at 8:29am


Welcome to the frontlines of battle my friend

This is where all the sins begin and end.

The battle for the soul and way to eternal life

Chaos on the rampage not knowing friend from foe.

Lots of friendly



Then I remember once more I am on the frontlines.

Caught between the lines of people who only vaguely


I walk through the

I hear the Angels lyre when I


Soul trapped in the quagmire.

Deep in the frontlines I lost my mind in the midst of battle

Men are made or broken on the frontlines.

A true test of courage all the while others are left lain.

We are all one in the same, just a grain in the hourglass,

Our time slowly fades caught up in the frontlines of a battle

Between heaven and hell darkness and light.

fi re most unbeknownst to nd myself lost in wonder at all the lies, dissention, andfi res of my own internal funeral nd myself caught up in earthly
Comment by Jason Randolph Miller on April 20, 2011 at 8:30am

Our Father Comes Calling

My Children the time of Retribution is at hand

I am calling you home to be with me

in the heavens as I have promised.

As I kept my Covenant with Noah

The everlasting seal of the rainbow.

I will surly keep the promise given to my Son

One that day that changed the age

My Only Begotten Child

Came to you in the

A sacri

Opening the gates of Heaven

So mankind may be in my kingdom once more

The remnants of the past

A Golden Age prior to the fall

Of Lucifer from Heaven

Deceived were my children

Cast forth from my Eternal Garden

The Tree of Life hath been hidden

Until the time is right

When all Men and Women

Walk as one under the Son.

Hear me calling Children?

He who hath an ear best hear

The time is nigh

Coming as a thief in the night

The Sign of Jonah is here.

I have poured my spirit out upon you

The awakening is at hand

Let your ego fade away

And simply take my hand.


The Elect have risen wisely

To bring my sheep free

The temptations and desires of this world

Being Gods Fury and Reign

Walk away from darkness now

Or perpetual oblivion is what will be found.

The Prince of Darkness Rises

And his demise is almost near

He who hath an ear I cry out to heaven let him here!

fl eshfi cial lamb
Comment by Jason Randolph Miller on April 20, 2011 at 8:34am

Mind of the Divine

Step on in

To the mind of the divine

A step by step walk straight down the line

The Father and Teacher of Righteousness

Pouring out their spirit upon us all

So we may be awakened

From the dark fog we are lost in.

Hear him calling to you?

That pang in your heart

From what should, shouldn’t commit

The wincing of our stomachs

As evil is committed

The hair standing on ends

The goose

When things of ill will

Are plain in our sight.

He is calling us to listen, obey, and follow

He is calling us to love one another

Despite the minor differences betwixt us.

He is calling us to listen when he speaks to our hearts

He is calling for us to

Rather than falsehood in our feelings

He cries out in agony

For the children that walk in darkness

As a mother and father weep

As they bury their only child.

He cries out in fury, and rage

As the widow, orphan, and poor

Is oppressed and left low

He cries out in sadness and pain


Like the af

Cry out from the very depths of their soul

For relief from the pain that never seems to sway.

He cries out come back to me my children,

Follow my way, so I can wipe the tears from thy eyes.

My children I wish to ease you suffering ending your pain

I see all the evil as it manifest into a beast

Eating away at your souls taking you far from me.

Allow me in your heart so I may set you free

The truth will set ablaze love so true.

Awaken the mind of the Divine.

fl esh that risesfi nd faith in our factsfl icted with infi rmities
Comment by Tzephanyahu Hewah Ahrns on May 31, 2011 at 12:17am

Lend ears to the law incline ears to these words

Dark sayings of old I will utter no slurs

Spoken before generations ignored

Rebellious hearts violence wrought in the hoard

Armed children to fight refusing their peace

Forgetting Yah and all faith has ceased

There's no more mercy there's only pride

And false promises so all the innocence hides

Lights in the darkness and eyes only cry

You say you want justice but first you must die

Thou shalt not live but thou shall and will bleed

Low is humanity though great are your deeds

Necro affections you're betraying your kind

Pollution of life and pollution of mind

Chiseling at corner stones don't you know they will fall

Rejecting your path who will save you all

The chosen have come from heathen bread

The wrath piles up and the bodies of the dead

The blood and the water blazing jealousy fire

Lay waist your salvation or worship your sire

As beasts they do come and in madness they reign

Dying to live but this life is in vain

Unto a new moon and the end of it all

Spoken before Messiah will call

Comment by Tzephanyahu Hewah Ahrns on May 31, 2011 at 12:20am

Wandering into your brain

His call will set your soul

A growing hunger seeps inside

From the wonders yet untold

Bleeding veins appease the wanting

His pain had made you real

To our eyes a blindness shining

The world soon to disappear

Holding onto all their insane

Deeds of mortal thrill

A permanent greed filled existence

Doing what they will

Terror of the end is calling

Can you hear His voice

Turning black the sky is falling

This is your last choice

So where do you go when all is lost

And terror steps to you

Violated and despair

And nothing for you to do

A silent crawling of survivors

Soon to let them die

Scattered remnants of their being

Extinguished is their lies

Comment by Tzephanyahu Hewah Ahrns on May 31, 2011 at 12:22am

I know that times are different now

And maybe I'm a little slow

But I can't help the way its been

There's just some things yet unknown

And songs have said it many times

In many different ways

How can we explain all the things that we feel

Through the utterance of His name

And I just want Yahuah forever

To love even after I've died

And though they say this world is gone

I just can't help to try

Yahuah is more than words can say

But I will still attempt

Yahuah in all your mercy's beauty

Make our lives seem in contempt

And I will give up everything

To see the will in you

This taste of heaven I do wish

And what else have I to prove

If I could change this world I would

But I am just one man

And if I can't accomplish everything

Will you still take me as I am

Comment by Tzephanyahu Hewah Ahrns on May 31, 2011 at 12:26am

We come before you openly

In all our trials humbly

We're waiting for your final call

So send your light to prove us all

The darkness can not over take

Because your light's upon that stake

My heart is broken for the blind

My tears are choked for human kind

You now we hold on to your word

Though some may think it sounds absurd

I love you all though I'm ashamed

I've been so wrong it can't be named

But I feel the spirit comfort me

He lifts me up so I can see

What does Yahshuah want me for

I'm nothing more than broke and sore

But he's directed me to you

And all his people help me through

As we are one in soul and mind

Oh brothers sisters we're not blind

And as we enter into rest

We praise your name you are the best

Heal your children raise us high

Into the clouds don't let us die

Oh my beloved sovereign LORD

Make this body one accord

Comment by Tzephanyahu Hewah Ahrns on May 31, 2011 at 12:30am

When I think of you Yah

Like a flash against the dark

And all things changing from inside

My life becomes a spark

We are all your children

And you open up our eyes

Make me as you want me

You can reach us from the skies

And when I think of you Yah

There's no more world around

And nothing left to keep me

From this so heavenly bound

You never seem to be Yah

Less than what you promised to be

And if there is a dream Yah

You're all I want to see

There are no words to tell you

But I hope you understand

Feeling like an ocean

As it dances from a storm

Oh when I think of you Yah

It rushes up to hold

And my heart will never wander

From the promises it told

And I just want you

There's nothing more for me

And I just want you Yah

You've made me believe

Comment by Tzephanyahu Hewah Ahrns on May 31, 2011 at 12:37am
Lurking Truth
Things dark on the horizons of percepti
Are you so certain of existence,
Of senses and insights that speak of ill
And the orders of kayos that demand your
Peaceful fears that bind such a paradox,
And wisdom that speaks of nothingness,
Subconscious voices that drive our natur
And pleasures cringed in pain s sweet bl
How bright the darkness behind your path
,A penitent power to hide your fate,
A carnal greed as old as time,
How pure the lust that drives your hate,
Eyes that peer from eternity,
Whispers wrought in cool damp sorrow,
A spec of reason to spice it s spawn,
And the evil is free for another tomorro
And from our souls of ancient breed,
The wanton hunger for knowledge,
With death surpassed and life so gone,
We call our seed to pay it s homage,
To promises bled on snow white sculls,
And scarlet moons of utter desire,
Dreams know nothing of graven ruins,
And the essence of such to drive us high
Destruction not so easily swayed,
What fool doth stand his sacrifice,
Insanely sought but sanely done,
Dark robes of welcome and flames suffice
Reality and all lies and death,
Await the hour of congregation,
A crimson gaze upon tired eyes,
A vile retched abomination,
Prophetic welcomes and dower agony,
Silence opened dimensions stir,
Await the moment not soon to come,
Revenge of thine on Lucipher


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