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This was in my email box this morning. Sure appears to be something prudent Nazarenes should be paying attention to....


Prov 22:3 A clever one foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple go on and are punished. (ISR)




2011 Economic Update – What To Expect In The Coming Months:

As Kiyosaki and I have mentioned, you’ve had until 2011 to prepare for the next major economic crisis, and that time is upon us…

In December, the gross federal debt of the US passed 100% of GDP for the first time, and total federal obligations are now at 443% of GDP. The Federal Reserve is now buying 75% of all US debt that’s going up for auction because the rest of the world has simply stopped buying.

When I say “buy”, that means that the Fed is simply printing the money to pay for the debt. It’s 100% pure monetization, which is always the primary cause of hyperinflation.

Simply put, the US is officially in “Ponzi-scheme Mode”, issuing more and more new debt each month, to pay off the current obligations, while keeping their fingers crossed the economy will bounce back into full-blown growth, allowing them to pay back the debt at some point in the future.

But with a debt-based, consumption-centric economy like ours, you can’t solve a debt problem by encouraging consumers to take-on more debt.

So in 2011, Congress has two choices…

They can take the road of austerity through massive budgetary cuts. If this takes place, you can expect to see riots in the streets and union strikes just as we’ve seen in Europe throughout 2010.


They can allow the Fed to keep printing fresh bills to pay the tab, ultimately leading to the “hyperinflationary depression” I discussed in the 90 Minute Video.

Both James Turk of and John Williams of, see hyperinflation looming by the end of 2011…

12/21 James Turk:

With gold and silver consolidating recent gains, King World News interviewed James Turk out of Spain. When asked about the action in both gold and silver Turk stated, 

“Rising interest rates along with the surge in commodity prices that we have been seeing in the back half of this year is writing on the wall that hyperinflation is very near.  If anyone needs further proof just look at what QE2 is already doing.  The Fed is turning government debt that the market doesn’t want into currency which is the cause of all hyperinflation.” 

12/11 John Williams: (Original Source)

One of the primary concerns for people who know a major collapse is coming is how to identify it when it is happening. What are the signs?

“Sign number one is what governments do before a hyperinflationary collapse. If history is any guide, then the monetary actions of our Federal Reserve are a clear indicator. As Jon Stewart humorously pointed out recently, the Fed is “imagineering” money out of thin air.

This means more money in our overall money supply chasing fewer goods, which inevitably leads to higher prices. We’re seeing this the world over in commodity prices, as well as other assets.

One of the big complaints coming out of China is that the policies of the Federal Reserve are leading to the US exporting inflation to China, as evidenced by significant increases in their own domestic stock market prices and real estate values.

The Chinese are already taking steps to curb this inflationary bubble in the making.

Another sign of coming fiscal problems, which ultimately leads to more monetary quantitative easing policies is the continued uncontrolled spending of Federal, State and local governments. As they waste more money, more needs to be printed to “monetize” the debt that no one else wants to buy.

We’ve warned about it before, and we’ll say it again because it is going to be the trigger that sets the whole thing into a complete collapse. When our creditors start off-loading US Treasuries and stop buying new debt issues, the game is over. John Williams confirms this view and provides some more insights as to what you should be looking for as telltale signs that hyperinflation is upon us:

This is not good news. Weakness in the dollar is what will kill the system, it’s what will trigger the early signs of hyperinflation. Which, as you mentioned, could be as early as the next six to nine months. Down the road that remains to be seen as to the timing.

Watch the dollar. Watch for panic there. If it gets out of control you’ll see massive dumping of dollars. The Fed will be intervening even more than it does now. People will be turning dollars over as quickly as they can - they’re not going to want to hold them. Prices will sky rocket.

We’re going to see this in the next couple months starting with gasoline and food prices.

We have yet to see the ramp up in commodities hit the store shelves and gas stations. But be assured that it will happen (unless stocks and commodities crash in the near future).

This price increase simply cannot be avoided. It’s already happening. Most of us have seen small percentage rises in grocery store prices already, and media outlets are reporting $3 gas by Christmas. These price bumps are nothing compared to what must happen as a result of price rises in commodity markets over the last year.

Thus, in the next 1 - 3 months, we should start seeing the early signs. Mr. Williams’ forecast in this regard falls in line with those made by Gonzalo Lira in Hyperinflation Tipping Point By Early 2012, an insightful article that provides some more technical and economic signs to look for. Both forecasts suggest that 2011 will see the beginning of our hyperinflationary spiral.

The Good News…

Unlike 98% of the American public, you’re informed which means you can turn these events to your advantage, which is the entire purpose of The Elevation Group.

But exactly how do you do that?

By now you know the benefits of owning gold and silver, but what are the other ways to play this game?

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"9 months and counting on the false claim the US will succumb to *MAJOR ECONOMIC CRISIS as predicted by the Elevation Group* in 2011...."

As you can see, I've applied your short-tempered approach to secular predictions with your own words, to point out what I find to be a misinterpretation of my position on your part.
Big differance in what we read here vs what you posted in my opinion. The above (written by whom I quoted) simply states economic upheaval is possible  ...nothing about America being obliterated as you put forward without naming your source(s) and not posted as my own writings as you did.  You stating "I reserve the right to be wrong" is kinda ...well ...lame.  

Am I to understand you don't agree with the Elevated Group's "prophecies" then?

You are clearly just hiding behind the Elevated Group; you're the one presenting this, either you agree with it and stand for it, at least partially, or you don't. Who wrote it doesn't matter in this context.
Incidentally, do you and the Elevated Group not reserve the right to be wrong, as though you were prophets?

Finally, you try to twist it into an issue about "sources" in a vain attempt to obscure the fact that you simply disagree with me, and feel a need to fight what you don't understand

mikha El said:

Big differance in what we read here vs what you posted in my opinion. The above (written by whom I quoted) simply states economic upheaval is possible  ...nothing about America being obliterated as you put forward without naming your source(s) and not posted as my own writings as you did.  You stating "I reserve the right to be wrong" is kinda ...well ...lame.  
You can "understand" whatever you wish. Do I agree that econmic termoil is possible in the US soon? Yes, of course. Do I think it will be in 2011? Perhaps, perhaps not. What you don't seem to understand is that when YOU put forward that you have written events to soon take place, then you have in effect "prophesied". If it's not your writings then you need to protect yourself from copyright violation and name your source. It's real simple.













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