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Today many parents are you tired of sending their children to a "gun free, drug free", free condom school zone that seems to be filled with drugs, violence and peer pressure.  We have public schools that teach atheism as science, socialism as history, and promiscuity as sex education, but cannot seem to teach kids to read and write.

The goal of this page is to not only to connect parents with free resources to teach their children to read and write but also to help them teach science that counters atheism, and history that promotes freedom, limited government, capitalism and rugged individualism.

Most of the resources to which we offer links are textbooks which were once used to the very successful one room schoolhouses in the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which are now in the public domain.

MATH - Tired of "New Math" and "New New Math"?  The fact is that mathematics has not changed since Sir Isaac Newton invented Calculus.  The material in these old textbooks is as useful today as it was when these books were first published, and there is no "New Math" to be found in them.

ENGLISH - Grammar not substantively changed in the last 100 years.  However you may find that these old Grammars once used are about a grade more advanced that today's dumbed down classrooms. 

HISTORY - Although there has been more history made since these books were published, the history they contain has obviously not changed.  You will, however, find that some history has been rewritten since the time when these books were used in our one room schoolhouses. 

SCIENCE- While there have been great advances in technology over the past 100 years, the fundamentals of most of science remain the same.  The basic laws of Newtonian Physics have not changed.  We will attempt to offer supplementary resources in areas such as relativity, quantum physics and life science that have radically changed since the nineteenth century.

We are a work in progress, and much is still under construction.

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