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Interlinear Apocrypha

This is a project to put the Hebrew and Aramaic texts of books of the Apocrypha online in interlinear format keyed to Strong's Word Numbers.

Hebrew Texts:

Munster Hebrew Tobit

Qumran Hebrew Tobit (4Q200)

Wisdom of Yeshua Ben Sira

Schweitzer 1Maccabees

Aramaic Texts:

Peshitta 2Esdras

Qumran Aramaic Tobit

Peshitta Tobit

Peshitta Judith

Peshitta Wisdom of Solomon

CPA Wisdom of Solomon

Peshitta Wisdom of Ben Sira

CPA Wisdom of Ben Sira

Peshitta Book of Baruch

Peshitta Letter of Jeremiah

CPA Letter of Jeremiah

Peshitta 1Maccabees

Peshitta 2Maccabees

Peshitta 3Maccabees

Peshitta 4Maccabees

Peshitta "Additions" to Daniel

Peshitta "Additions" to Ester

This information is provided free.  It is paid for by those who support the WNAE with their tithes and offerings. Donations can be made via the Pay Pal box in the upper right hand corner, or mailed to Nazarene Judaism; PO Box 471; Hurst, TX 76053; USA.

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