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Misunderstood Scriptures About Health And Diet This is my newest lecture about diet and health scriptures found in the Bible that are often mistranslated or misused. I also talk about why this happens.  You can see the full-length lecture at…


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Enter The Garden of Peace With Your Wife. The way to peace in relationships is following the guidelines provided in the Scriptures. This book, The Garden of Peace by Rabbi Shalom Arush will reveal these guidelines more clearly and bless your relationship with your spouse and your life!

You can order the book for men and women at this…


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This Video Will Bless Your Relationships Besides the Bible, no book has touched my life and helped me as much as the book I talk about in this video, The Garden Of Peace. There is one for men and one for women. Both are for sale at

If you want your life to be blessed, GET THESE…


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Are You Saved Or Are You A Slave? Even though Moses tried to free the children of Israel from Egypt they were not ready to leave Egypt with their heart. This would lead  many freed people of Israel to still be slaves after they leave Egypt. Many people today who claim to be believers are still slaves to the ways of the world. This week's Torah reading is Parasha 14 from Exodus 6:2-9:35.…


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How Should A Christian Act As believers we are to use the commandments in the Bible as a guide to begin our walk with Messiah. The Bible is written for a reason. We all need a guide to teach us. After that we must take actions and…


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This Food Can Save Your Life! I don't eat meat but anyone who does, or even if you know someone you care about who does, this video is vital to their health. Author Jordan Rubin talks about his new company Beyond Organic.

To learn more information and sign up for beyond organic visit…


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Proof That The New Testament Does Not Replace The Old Testament Many Christians foolishly claim the guidelines taught in the original covenant is done away with and replaced by the new covenant. It is actually an original and renewed covenant, not Testament and the law is actually the Torah and it has not been done away with. In the Scriptures, Messiah calls those who do not follow Torah…


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Restoring The Psalms in South Africa: Andrew Hodkinson Our guest today is Andrew Hodkinson. Andrew is a Messianic worship singer from South Africa. I love his comment about the songs of the Scriptures already being there in the psalms, we just have to add music to it. I'll be traveling to South Africa in March 2012 and look forward to seeing Andrew and all the other Torah keepers out there!

Andrew's website is…


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The Path is Torah! Being a follower of Messiah will get us in the gate but there is still a narrow road to follow and that is the way of…


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When Your Life Ends We do not know when the end of our life will come or if we will have time to say goodbye to our loved ones. Jacob did have time to talk to Joseph and said, remember who I am and what I stand for. Also remember Abraham and Isaac and what they stood for. (Genesis 47:16). They stood for keeping torah to be blessed! This week's torah teaching is from Genesis 47:28-50:26 and is called…


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The Ture Christian Way To Follow I recently posted a video titled, "Do You Call Yourself A Christian." The link to that vide is here;

Some people asked me to…


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Do You Call Yourself A Christian?

In Acts 11:26 of the Bible it says the original believers were called Christians. Is that a correct translation and can believers today call themselves Christians or something else? Check out this video for the answer. Please leave your questions and comments…


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