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Speak to The Rock (Weekly Torah Parashah) This week's teaching is from Numbers 19:1-22:1 We see this week Moses and Aaron got themselves in some be trouble by not paying attention to Yahweh's instructions. How closely do you listen when He speaks to you? We also see the people never being satisfied and always complaining, sounds like many people today. We all need to be…


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Do You Want to Die Before Your Time (Weekly Torah Parashah) This week's study is from Numbers 16:1 - 18:32. We see the people kept rebelling against Moses but this time Yahweh's patience ran out. 14,950 people where killed before there time, due to their rebellion. We must all follow Yahweh's instructions and separate ourselves…


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Modest Woman Revelations Today's guest is a young woman who decided modest dress is the way to live according to Torah. I have such a passion for this topic and of all my guest I've every interviewed this one might be the most important for young woman, older ladies and also men.Please see the full video and leave your comments below. Jocelin talks about…


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A Positive Report (Weekly Torah Parashah) See the land and notice the people. That is what this week's Torah Reading was about. (Numbers 13:1-15:41) Of all those who where chosen to spy the Promised Land, only Kaluv and Joshua brought back a positive report. Their faith and service to Yahweh helped them stay…


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Modesty, Headcoverings and Torah Bible Teacher Ralph Messer talks about Modesty and why this topic is important to Torah…


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Yahweh Promised Good Things To Israel (Weekly Torah Parashah) This week's reading is from Numbers 8:1-12:16 We see Yahweh telling about His designated times as one of the many good things He promised Israel, but only if they obey Him. But the people began complaining about their hardships and when Yahweh heard it His anger flared…


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Health In The Bible Today, Bible Teacher Ralph Messer shares an excellent message about the connection between our health, our diet and spiritual life. You can see more great videos at his site…


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Singing about Torah Relationships Mason Clover Here is an interivew I did with Messianic Worship Leader / Artist from Nashville, TN Mason Clover. In this interview he talks about Torah and relationships. He also talks about his new project called "The Isaiah 43 Project" set to be released this year. It will be his second…


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