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The Hebrew Hammer of Health and Happiness

There are many great things happening in my life right now. Last night, my friend who has a messianic radio station in Australia had me on his radio show. I felt the interview went great and is an important… Continue

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Do Not Mingle The Seed! (Weekly Torah Parashah) This week's reading is Numbers 33:1-36:13. It is the last book of Numbers. We see once again Yahweh's mighty hand this week, how He has taken care of the children on their 40 year trip. This week Yahweh tells the children the instructions they are to follow when they get…


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Fight For Your Brothers (Weekly Torah Parashah) This week's Torah Parashah is from Numbers 30:2 to 32:42. It starts off with the importance of vows and promises. The teaching ends off with a promise being made by 2 1/2 tribes that they will go over the Jordan and fight for their brothers if they can get the land on the…


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Zealous For Yahweh! (Weekly Torah Parashah) Are you Zealous for Yahweh? This week's teaching comes from Numbers 25:10-30:1

As believers we are called to be zealous for Yahweh in our faith and our actions. Setting example for all believers and non-believers. Pinchas in this week's reading is a great example of what… Continue

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Spiritual Blindness (Weekly Torah Parashah) This week's reading is from Numbers 22:2-25:9. This week Balak asks Balaam to curse the children of Israel. Balaam acknowledged that he couldn’t go against the world of Yahweh. 

Balaam seemed like a powerful man of Yahweh but as revealed on the donkey, Balaam was spiritually blind. He was widely known for his effective curses and blessed but his motives were wrong. Balaam appeared to obey Yahweh but he in fact encouraged the… Continue

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Latest Paul Nison 2 hour interview on GLC

I was back on God's Learning Channel and was very pleased with the interview. Here it is in the link below. If you enjoy it, you can visit and purchase a copy from their book store on the site. I will be back on GLC next month and will keep everyone up dated. You can see it as it airs on their site. Here is the link to my latest interview.…


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