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Yahweh's Way or The Highway Today we have an interview with a man who has been following the Torah for over 50 years and is a 2nd generation believer in Yeshua. He has wise advice for anyone interested in pleasing our…


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I Am Dying But Yahweh Will Surely Remember You! (Weekly Torah Parashah)

http://www.TorahLife.TV The words in this weeks Torah Parashah (Genesis 47:28-50:26) are from Joseph to his brothers in Genesis 50:24 but can be true to all of us. We are all going to die and Yahweh will surly remember our family if they are obedient to His Torah. Two people died in this weeks reading, Jacob and Joseph, amazing but at the end of both deaths Yahweh's blessings are told…


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Come Out of Babylon You People! Our guests is a family who have all come out of Babylon together and now enjoy their freedom of living in…


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Put Your Faith In Yahweh, Not Man! (Weekly Torah Parashah)

http://TorahLife.TV This Week's Torah Parashah is from Genesis 44:18-47:27. We see Joseph doing the most humble act, forgiving. There are blessings that come with sticking to Our Wonderful Creator's plan. We also have a special guest on the show, talking about this week's Torah…


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The Torah and Your Health

Tonight I gave a lecture in Michigan and someone in the crowd asked me

what the Torah was and what does it have to do with our health. It was a

secular crowd. I usually don't use the J-name for Messiah but here is

one of the rare times I did.… Continue

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Faith and Action for YHWH (Weekly Torah Parashah)

http://TorahLife.TV This Weeks Torah Parashah is from Genesis 41:1-44:17

It Continues with the story of Joseph and never giving up. We must have faith and a plan! We see some amazing faith from Jacob and Joseph that we can all learn from.

Mikketz… Continue

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How I Became A Jewish Beliver in Yeshua.

People often asks me how as I Jewish person I discovered Yeshua was the

Messiah. Also how I learned the Christian Church does not follow the

Bible.… Continue

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