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I thought I had finally found a decent church, (church of God seventh day) Sabbath keeping and understanding of my Jewish ways until last Sabbath when one of the elders again brought up the "law", teaching in Sabbath school that it was "nailed to the cross". Our typical banter ensued until he stated "if you keep those old testament Jewish feasts, you are denying the divinty of Christ!" The discussion quickly heated up until I quoted Leviticus 23. with "forever". He began his "That can mean all kinds of things" tyrade when the pastor stood and began to lecture about these feast keepers he knew that would go out and buy vodka to take back to their succa. "What?, NO!" I responded but he kept on agreeing with the fellow, stating that we will have to keep the feasts only during the Millinium reign. I reminded them that I never tried to impose my beliefs on them, but I won't stand to be lambasted either.

My darling wife intervened, telling the congregation of the hideous things done to her during her Jehovah witness upbringing, challenging them about their small mindedness, the kind that killed over 6 million of our brothers and sisters during the Holocaust. She had us all in tears.

Before leaving another elder asked me to "keep coming, because he and his family really enjoy and learn from what we have to say".

I am a bit conflicted, as I have regularly been called upon to teach and preach and lead prayer sessions, but I feel offended none the less.

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