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Introducing: The Power New Testament, Episode 6

Today, our guest is William J. Morford. Mr. Morford wrote what I feel is one of the best translations of the renewed covenant and has just completed translating the complete Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. He wrote his translation to bring the Hebrew roots message to the Christian church, and also for the non-believer looking to understand the Bible. I believe that anyone, messianic, christian or non-believer, would learn a lot from his translation as it's one of the best out there. In today's podcast, Mr. Morford talks about how he came about the idea to write it and shares examples of why it is so different than most bible translations. Be sure to visit Mr. Morford's website at I will have the new edition of the complete scriptures on my webstore at as soon as it comes out. Email me and I'll add you to the pre-order list for your copy.

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